Measure 28 Expands School Music Programs

While the Oakdale Joint Unified School District is known not only for its academic achievements, but also for its athletic achievements, the Board of Directors remains focused on bringing enrichment to students of all interests.

Now, thanks to the passage of Bill 28 in the November 2022 elections, districts can continue this quest.

By a wide margin, Major 28 provides an ongoing source of funding for school districts across California to start new arts education programs or expand existing arts education programs for K-12 students . From 2022 he has allocated over $750,000 total to her OJUSD for the 2023 academic year. 80% of that is spent on staff and the remaining 20% ​​on course materials and other supplements.

Passage of this measure would result in school districts receiving an unspecified amount annually from the state for this purpose.

“The budget gives us 1% of our total funding to go to schools for arts and music. I’m here.

Wegener said Human Resources Assistant Superintendent Craig Redman spoke with the site’s principals and all of the music teachers to address the site’s needs. It was decided to hire two teachers of primary music for him and two more teachers of secondary music for him.

“In this way we can extend an already very powerful program,” said Wegener. “We are already looking for those teachers and hope to add them to our staff next year.”

Wegener further said budget projections were considered by business officer Cassandra Booth to determine the lifespan of additional staff, regardless of the annual amount allocated through Bill 28.

“Kassandra Booth feels strongly that she can sustain these positions for the long term,” said Wegener.

She further said OJUSD is following the direction of Bill 28 to start new arts education programs or expand existing arts education programs.

“We have the ability to scale our music program because we have the facilities to handle it,” said Wegener. “Establishing new arts programs will be more difficult and costly.”

While acknowledging the addition of new programs such as photography and dance would be welcome, she said each facility the district does not have funding for would be needed.

“We have a very strong music program, and we have a lot of requests for it. Our current music teachers are great,” admitted Wegener.

Additionally, the district has secured a one-time grant to help OJUSD’s arts programs.

“We’re really lucky because we also have block grants for art, music and educational materials. This is a one-time fund,” she said. “This will allow you to buy legacy items like new band uniforms and replacement instruments. Something that really lasts.”

Wegener added that passage of bar 28 was welcome.

“Most of the time, we can reduce the burden on current teachers and allow elementary students to take music for two days instead of one,” she says of Measure 28. She develops her understanding of children’s music. ”

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