Mayor of Music Row Charlie Monk, beloved networker, dies at 84

  • Over 50 years ago, Monk co-founded the popular Country Radio Seminar and hosted its New Faces Show over 40 times.
  • Monk grew up in a small town in Alabama with no plumbing or running water.

Charlie Monk, an upbeat music industry networker and radio personality known as Mayor of Music Row, died Monday afternoon at his home. he was 84 years old.

Co-founding the popular country radio seminar over 50 years ago, Monk earned his nickname for his decades of delighting and encouraging others in country radio and country music publishing. He hosted the New Faces show that launched his career over 40 times on that radio seminar.

Alabama native who grew up in poverty, Monk told The Tennessian three years ago that he fought hard to establish himself and become famous.

Monk felt he fell short of that second goal, but he launched a career in radio and music publishing that has helped many artists become superstars.

“I have helped many people achieve their goals,” she said.

“I finally came to terms with the fact that I wasn’t a superstar. Ultimately, I became the best Charlie Monk,” he said in 2020.

Among those grateful to meet Monk are the genre’s biggest stars, including Garth Brooks.

Brooks recently released a video tribute to Monk, which was awarded by the Nashville Association of Talent Directors, saying, “I love you, bro. I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done for me.” Hmm.

Garth Brooks with Music Row executives Charlie Monk (right) and Kenny Chesney (left) in 1991.

“But the truth is you did it for everyone. Ready to go out and kick the world**. And that’s the gift you have. Me and Thank you for sharing.

“He always has a big smile on his face and has done a lot for country music. I love him dearly!” said Reba McEntire. “He’s been around forever and I know because I was too!”

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