Mark Lanegan ‘missed out on cash’ for his silent co-write of this Nirvana track

The late Mark Lanegan is said to have lost a ton of cash for his wordless co-writing of Nirvana’s “Something in the Way.”

According to a new book, Lanegan, the Screaming Trees frontman released the grunge icon’s influential 1991 album, Nevermind, after parting with the late frontman’s cart. said he was “kicking himself” for not receiving publication fees from his tracks. Cobain has used some of the lyrics for free in exchange for work on his solo record ‘The Winding Sheet’.

Nick Oliveri, Mark’s former Queens Of The Stone Age bandmate, told writer Greg Plato:

“But Kurt was playing on Mark’s solo song ‘The Winding Sheet’.

“So instead of getting paid, they said, ‘Hey, I added lyrics to your song and you added lyrics to mine. Let’s call it even. Little did Mark know that if he had published ‘Something in the Way’ in ‘Nevermind’, he would have had a lot of money. I remember him kicking ass a little bit about it – “If I had published that ‘Something in the Way’…”

The book, by Marc’s bandmate Gary Lee Conner, describes Kurt’s widow, Hall frontwoman Courtney Love, joining the Screaming Trees as Nirvana after her husband’s suicide in April 1994. It also includes claims that he provided the famous song “You Know You’re Right”.

It was Nirvana’s final song, released eight years after being included in the band’s self-titled 2002 Greatest Hits collection.

Gary recalls: [1996 album] “Dust,” during which Mark was like, “Courtney wants us to do a song.”

“And that was the song – ‘You Know You’re Right’ [a then-unreleased Nirvana song]So I got a tape of it and we learned it. I never recorded it. But we learned it without Mark, and Mark came down to sing it…and he couldn’t. And that was the end of it.

He added: It could have been a big hit with Kurt’s song. [Laughs] I think releasing a cover of an unknown Nirvana song in 1995 or 1996 was a pretty big deal. don’t know. That was the idea. But I don’t know if it was the idea to take the cart…although I could have spent the money. “

Mark passed away last February at the age of 57. His bandmate and Gary’s brother, Van Connor, died last month at the age of 55 after battling pneumonia.

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