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Alexandra Bilge attends a tennis dinner with assistant coach John O’Donnell and head coach Chris Mayer.

Alexandra Bilge is a 16-year-old junior at Marietta High School.

She recently joined the National Honor Society (NHS) and is often placed on honor rolls and principal lists. She has taken the Handbells program and in her free time teaches other students music and various other academic subjects.

“I love being able to help children and talk to them.” Bilge said. “I really enjoy getting to know them. I’m happy to help them in any way I can.”

Birge said she takes pride in being able to help other students reach their goals and be successful in their studies.

“I taught one girl and she’s a little weak in math.” Bilge said. “I was really proud of her when she got really good marks in her recent math test. I was really happy for her.”

Alexandra Bilge and her brother Zach Bilge during a Christmas concert. Both are part of Marietta High School’s handbell music program.

As a member of the Tri-M Music Honor Society, Birge also gives music instruction to students, which he says is very similar to the NHS.

“We are doing some fundraisers and going to different schools, like elementary schools, to discuss music programs with children.” Bilge said. “I have everything I can do[in the music program].

Birge said her favorite class depends on her mood, but she enjoys math when she understands the problems.

“But other than that, I’d probably have to call it a handbell.” Bilge said. “It sounds pretty weird, but it’s actually really fun. It’s a good way to de-stress at school.”

According to Bilge, Handbell members will perform various concerts throughout the year. She will be hosting spring concerts, playing the Imperial March from Star Wars, a Christmas performance at the Grand Central Mall, and performing at high schools and surrounding schools.

Alexandra Bilge and Tatum Clarke at the National Honor Society induction ceremony.

Birge says she started playing handbells when she was in middle school in St. Mary’s. She said one of her additional classes she took there was music, and she said she would see her three times a week, every few weeks.

“All we did in music class was play handbells.” Bilge said. “It was something I really enjoyed, so I decided to do it when I got to high school.

bilge “Why not?” Mentality also led her to the tennis court.

“To be honest, I’m not a very active person.” Bilge said with a laugh. “So when I realized I could do sports instead of actually doing physical education classes, I tried to do it.”

Birge says he joined the team in his freshman year and fell in love with the sport even more.

Alexandra Birge is a member of Marietta High School’s junior varsity and varsity tennis teams.

“I actually like it a lot now” Bilge said. “I love it more and more. It’s really fun. The people there are great, it’s a great environment. It’s really fun.”

She said she really enjoys being on the court, but team bonding is her favorite part of playing.

“I love team activities, hanging out with the team, talking to everyone, and making new friends.” Bilge said. “But I also like playing at the same time. So it’s kind of a mix of both.”

Ms. Bilge said she hasn’t decided which university she wants to go to yet, but she definitely intends to major in English. She said she wants to be a writer someday. She said she loves the creative writing process, which she started when she was in middle school.

“I really love it,” Bilge said. “I started when I was in middle school.

Alexandra Bilge (top right) on a family vacation. Bilge said he spends each year vacationing in his parents’ home states of Alabama and Florida. Above: Zach Burge, brothers and Burge. Below: Her cousin Joshua Cox and her sister Madeline Bilge.

Bilge said that during her time in Power of the Pens, she participated in both regional and district competitions and placed 10th overall in her district during her seventh grade year. She said she thinks reading is also part of the reason she wants to be a writer.

“Probably another reason why I’m interested in writing.” Bilge said. “It just seems so cool to have your own books in a bookstore. …It’s so cool that people can create so many different things with their own words. It’s so interesting and engaging.”

In her free time, she reads as much as she can and enjoys vacations with her family, her parents Ryan and Melishia Bilge, and her brothers Zach and Madeline Bilge.

“Actually, we go to the same place every year. Bilge joke. “My parents, their families, both live in Alabama…we spend a week at my mom’s parents’ house, and the next week we go back and forth between my dad’s parents’ house and the beach.”

Alexandra Bilge (right) and her father, Ryan Bilge, during their spring break trip to Hocking Hills.

From left to right: Rachel Brown, Avery Herb, Devon Bolen, Bilge, Jenna Jackson, Kiera Starcher, Alexandria Freeman, Elena Lehr, and Katie Lovejoy. Bilge and other members of the Lady Tigers tennis team after the game.

Alexandra Bilge and her friend Clara Noel on costume day at Marietta High School.

Clara Noel, Amelia Schenkel, Sofia Villarueta, and Alexandra Bilge pose for photos during lunch.

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