Mariah Carey greets audience at Broadway’s ‘Some Like It Hot’

Mariah Carey made her Broadway debut this week. Sorting.

Just before the lights dimmed on opening night of Sunday’s musical Some Like It Hot at the Shubert Theater in New York City, a recording of Carey’s voice blared to lull the audience.

“Welcome to the Shubert Theater,” Carey said in a video captured by an audience member who shared his secret recording with People. Her voice drew cheers, laughter and applause.

“Please turn off your mobile phone at this time. And remember: the use of photographic or recording equipment is strictly prohibited,” she continued.

After the disclaimer, Carey went on to announce the show: “And now ‘Some Like It Hot.’

Carey, who has yet to perform on Broadway in person, last month joined as a producer on a musical based on the 1959 film of the same name.

“When Neil Mellon shares this new take on his beloved movie,” Carey said in a statement. Promote inclusivity and celebrate diversity – We are proud to bring today’s world’s “Some Like It Hot” to new audiences. ”

Carey brought champagne to the cast to mark the musical’s opening night, People reported. , Emily Mortimer and many other celebrities attended the launch.

The show plans to use Carey’s narration during its run on Shubert, the production team confirmed to Playbill.

The musical has the same premise as the 1959 film written and directed by Billy Wilder. 1920s jazz centered around musicians of his age struggling with Prohibition.

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