MAMA entering 10th year of service in Montgomery music and education

2022 has come to a close with highs and lows. In the meantime, the Montgomery Area Musicians Association (MAMA) has continued to work to support our music community. We continue to promote our musicians on our MAMA page with nearly 4,000 followers and our MAMA group with 1.6,000 members, and we hope that musicians and member companies will be able to provide additional promotions on these sites. We continue to encourage you to share gigs/advertisements on our platform.

Hosted the Spring Growing Montgomery Musicians workshop at the Boys & Girls Club in Chisholm, where children and parents learned about musical genres. Our musicians got the kids and a few parents dancing in the stands. Everyone had a great time and it was a huge success. Thanks to the participating musicians.

Submitted a grant application written by Deborah Ann Dunn to the Junior League and received a donation of $2,500 from one of its committees. This provided funding for Brantwood to conduct her four-week summer music program at her Children’s Home. They planned to use it as a model for future summer music programs. The program concluded with a concert and ended with a field trip on a riverboat. Tickets were donated for the children to go. They were able to watch the instructor perform and some even participated! I was told it was a great field trip for everyone. Additionally, I was able to donate a drum kit to help start a program they might want to do in the future. Thank you for everything you have done to make it happen.

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