Madonna Laughs Off ‘Swelling From Surgery’ After Criticism of Her Appearance at 2023 Grammys

who is that girl After criticizing how the internet views the 2023 Grammy Awards, Madonna is showing off her latest snapshot and a little sense of humor.

Shared by Madonna her new photo Staring at the camera on Twitter Monday (February 20th). The pop icon in her photo is casually dressed in ripped jeans, a jacket, a black hat that reads “SPIRITUALLY HUNGRY” and braided hair.



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Watch the latest videos, charts and news

“Look how cute I am now that the swelling from the surgery has subsided. LOL,” Madonna tweeted about her face with a crying and laughing emoji.

At the Grammy Awards earlier this month, the singer introduced Sam Smith and Kim Petras for their Grammy-winning performance of “Unholy.” After the telecast, people on social her media shared their opinions on what she might look like in 2023, and threw accusations about her botched plastic surgeries, so her speech was criticized for her looks. It seemed to cast a shadow.

Two days later, Madonna hit back at critics with an Instagram post: “It was an honor to introduce Kim Petras and Sam Smith at the Grammy Awards,” she wrote. I wanted to give you one last award, but I thought it was more important to be the first trans woman to perform at the Grammys, a moment to make history!! Instead of focusing on what I said in my speech of appreciating the fearlessness of an artist, many chose to speak only of me.Faces distorted!! A world we live in is permeated in the glare of ageism and misogyny. A world that refuses to celebrate a woman past 45 feels the need to punish her…and adventurous.”

“I have never apologized for the creative choices I made or the way I looked or dressed. I’m not going to get started,” she added at the time.

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