Louis Tomlinson felt ‘mortified and bitter’ when One Direction split

Louis Tomlinson was ‘mortified’ when One Direction broke up.

The 31-year-old singer admitted in a new interview with The Times that he was “totally pissed off” when the boy band broke up in 2015.

“I was mortified and really disappointed when One Direction broke up,” she said. I understand it better and I’m not so angry. That’s the reality.”

Louis, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, and Niall Horan went on indefinite hiatus in 2015 and are often asked about getting back together. But with the success of his solo career, especially Harry’s, Lewis admits a reunion is “hard to imagine right now.”

“But I would be surprised if we lived through life and didn’t have a moment when we met again, or say what you want to call it. I’m ready for it.” “I miss my boys and I certainly miss being one of the five, but I also like to do my own thing. It was time.”

Elsewhere during the interview, Louis confessed that he felt “envy” of Harry’s solo stardom when they first went their separate ways.

“We’ve always recognized that Harry fits the mold, and it was amazing to see. Envy? Maybe he was trying to find his feet at first, but… Isn’t it never healthy to cross-reference your successes with others?” he commented.

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