Live music in Sonoma Dec. 30 – Jan. 8, 2022

Cancellations and exchanges are common these days. Check with the venue to make sure your favorite artists are performing on schedule.

The Summer Inn705 Laurel Avenue, 707-935-0611

Sunday, January 1: Sonoma Sunday Night Jam.7 pm

Friday Farmer’s MarketDepot Park, 270 First St. W., Downtown Sonoma

Friday, December 30th. Stewart Degner.9 o’clock in the morning

Harvey’s Donut, 19030 Railroad Ave., 707-246-5928

Friday, December 30: Live music with sprinkles, TBA.6:00 pm

Hopmonk, 691 Broadway, 707-935-9100

Friday, December 30: Journey Day. Jimbo trout at 18:00.8 pm

Saturday, December 31: PB & Jam. 6 p.m., Carita.9 pm

Sunday, January 1: Bill Line.12:30 pm

Wednesday, January 4th: Open Mic. 7:30 PM

Friday, January 6: Journey Day. 6 p.m. Scott Guberman.8 pm

Saturday, January 7: Jimbo Trout: 12:30PM

Murphy’s Irish, 464 First St. E., 707-935-0660

Friday, December 30: Hellhound. 7:30 PM

Saturday, December 31: Sue Albano and Scarlett Letter. 3 p.m., The Cone of Uncertainty. 7:30 p.m. Levi Lloyd Band.10 pm

Sunday, January 1: Solcats.5 pm

Monday, January 2: At Murphy’s Open Mic on Monday.6:00 pm

Tuesday, January 3: Sonoma Valley Chess Club: 4pm

Wednesday, January 4th: Trivia Night.7 pm

Thursday, January 5: Dorian Maud Trio.5 pm

Friday, January 6: Levi Lloyd Band. 7:30 PM

Saturday January 7th: Blues Defenders. 2:30 pm, Lynn O and riot. 7:30 PM

Sunday, January 8: Voices in your head.5 pm

Sebastian, 476 First St. E., 707-996-2020

Monday, January 9: John McCutcheon.7 pm

Thursday, January 19: David Longstreth (Dirty Projectors).7 pm

Saturday, April 8: Jenna Mammina. 7:30 PM

Sonoma Community, 276 E. Napa St.

Thursday, January 12: California Bluegrass Jam.7 pm

Sonoma, 452 First St. E., Suite G, 707-996-1364

Friday, December 30: What is Shakin’?

Saturday, December 31st: MaMaMa. 5 p.m., Lynne O and the Riots.8:30 pm

Thursday, January 5th: Karaoke.8 pm

Friday, January 6: Mike Z and the Benders.8 pm

Saturday, January 7: John S. Williams.8 pm

Sunday, January 8: Football and music videos. noon.

sterling, 19380 Highway 12, 707-938-7442

Tuesday, January 5: Starling Comedy Show.7 pm

Sunday, January 8: The Jeremy Gorman Project.3 pm

tips, 8445 Sonoma Hwy, Kenwood, 707-509-0078

Sunday, January 8: Kevin Russell and this familiar stranger. noon.

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