Linkin Park Pranked Metallica Onstage + Were Pretty Sure They Wouldn’t Get Their Teeth Knocked Out

Metallica’s music isn’t about dandelions and walks in the park, but at one show Linkin Park tried to be. howard stern show (See below) Mike Shinoda recalled to Stern how they became the first band to play a prank on Metallica after they toured together in their early days.

“Nobody ever played a prank,” Shinoda said with a smile. “By the way, I think it was about four people. The gag was that their shows always wanted to do something very tough and dark.

“We ended up going out with a picnic basket and liked the little sandwiches and drinks and Chester. [Bennington] He had a skateboard, so he skated on stage.So [the rest of us] Out on stage, they were playing, I think “Masters of Puppets”, and we set up a picnic right above Lars.

He added that he had permission from Metallica’s head of security to ensure that he was not forced off the stage while he was playing a prank on the band. of Puppets,” Shinoda recalled, adding, “James [Hetfield] Didn’t mean to knock my teeth out.

Metallica’s music can be a little dark and scary, but they actually have a sense of humor. It appeared as a Motorhead tribute band.

Mike Shinoda remembers Linkin Park pranking Metallica on Sirius XM howard stern show

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