Lenny Tavarez, Lasso & More: What’s Your Favorite New Latin Music Release? Vote!

This week’s roundup is First Stream Latin, a roundup of the best new Latin songs, albums, and videos recommended each week by the Billboard Latin editors.

The list begins with Vives’ nostalgic track “La Historia.” This is the first single from his upcoming album. Escalona: Never Recorded Like ThisA tribute to famed composer Rafael Escalona, ​​Vives’ modern pop version of the classic melancholic vallenato takes you to the warm Caribbean coast of Colombia. Next, Italy-based artist Yendry pays homage to her Dominican roots with her track, a hypnotizing bachata that subtly blends electronic sounds called “Herrera.” . The lasso ballad “Los Hombres Son Todos Iguales” (All Men Are the Same) is also on the list, with powerful lyrics that reflect two worlds: when women were hurt by empty promises in the past, And that’s when men are going to prove it. that all men are not the same.

On the reggaeton side, we’ve included two great selections: ‘1000 CANCIONES’ by Alvaro Diaz and San Senra and ‘Felicidades’ by Tavárez.The former marks the pair’s first collaboration, enhanced by fast-forward Pereo beat. In the latter, a Puerto Rican act sings an empowering female anthem about life after a breakup.

Other songs of the week include Adriel Favela’s ranchera ‘En Este Amor’, a collaboration between Hector Perez and Felipe Santos, and more. Which release is your favorite? Vote in the poll below or enter your favorite choice.

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