Lady Gaga sued over dognapping reward

The woman who returned Lady Gaga’s stolen dog has filed a lawsuit against the star.

In February 2021, Ryan Fischer was hospitalized after being shot while walking three of the Rain on Me singer’s French bulldogs in Hollywood, Los Angeles.

Two dogs were taken in the incident, but were dropped off at the police station by Jennifer McBride about 48 hours later.

According to court documents recently obtained by BuzzFeed News, McBride is now seeking a reward of $500,000 (£418,000) that Gaga promised to anyone who returned the pet to her.

The lawsuit alleges that 36-year-old Stephanie Germanotta, whose real name is Stephanie Germanotta, “defrauded” McBride by “making promises without intent to carry them out.”

Lawyers also allege that McBride suffered mental anguish and lost the enjoyment of life by not receiving compensation.

It was previously reported that McBride handed over the dog to police officers in late February 2021 and did not appear to be involved in the incident.

However, it was later claimed that she had an affair with one of the men involved in the incident and was originally charged with two charges.

According to the Los Angeles Times, McBride was sentenced to two years’ probation last December after not contesting one count of receiving stolen goods.

Gaga’s representatives have yet to respond to the lawsuit.

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