Krewe of Artemis takes music theme for 22nd annual Mardi Gras Soiree | Mardi Gras

The Artemis crew held the 22nd Annual Mardi Gras Soiree at Raging Cane’s River Center Exhibition Hall on Saturday night.

Queen Artemis XXII and her King were introduced in a tableau entitled “Artemis Loves Music”.

The exchanging of whistles for Captain Artemis Joanne Walker Harvey was called the Feast of Order and the Colors of the United States was presented by Baton Rouge’s Mentorship Academy. It opened with the traditional presentation of the song, set to the song “Overture from Music Man”.

Katie Rebel Cheatham reigned as Queen Artemis XXII. She is married to Queen Stephen Cheatham and she is an artist and community volunteer.

The royal page to the Queen was Arabella Reign Alvarez, daughter of Erin and Sebastian Alvarez. Leila Indira Patel, daughter of Prisha and Ravi Patel. The page represented “Lullaby”.

The royal maids to Her Majesty were Alison’s daughter, Sarah Isabel Bonner, and Dr. Everett Bonner, who represents “jazz and blues.” She is the daughter of Dr. Isabella Elise Lalonde. Elise and Jimmy Lalonde representing “rock and roll”. Missy Harris’ daughter, Barbara Blake Shanklin, represents “country and bluegrass.”

Reigning as King Artemis XXII was Dr. Deepesh “Rubin” Patel, husband of Manisha Patel. Dr. Patel is the CEO/CMO of Patient Plus Urgent Care.

The royal page to the king was Kavin Vian Patel, son of Manisha and Dr. Rubin Patel. Leein Rami Patel, son of Prisha and Ravi Patel.

The royal duke to his majesty was Owen Paul Charleson, son of Nicky and Rob Stewart, Nicole and Joel Charleson. Carson Michael Covington, son of Wendy and John Covington. Landry James Horne, son of Karen and Marty Horne.

The junior court princess was Eliza Claire Bourdain, daughter of Katie and Greg Bourdain. She is Margaret Isabella Heck, the daughter of Loredana and Ryan Heck. Dr. Anne and Larry Cook, Marguerite Anne Uzy, daughter of Kim and Travis Uzy.

The Junior Duke was Joseph Roland Bourdain, son of Katie and Greg Bourdain. and Milind Kaushik Patel and Jayden Vishal Patel, sons of Manisha and Dr. Rubin Patel.

Katie Brown, Toni Chenevert, Lee Holness Davis, Marie Banta Esquivel and Edith Lahm were featured as sailors.

The crew float lieutenant provided the perfect finale to the formal presentation by sneaking a glimpse of this year’s parade, which expresses the theme “Artemis loves music” to crew members and their guests. Chris Nakamoto moderated.

The Artemis crew will parade through the streets of downtown Baton Rouge on Friday, February 10 at 7:00 pm, with 20 New Orleans-style floats and over 20 bands and marching groups.

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