KISS Manager Finally Reveals What’s Up With Paul Stanley’s Vocals at Shows

KISS manager Doc McGhee has addressed allegations that Paul Stanley was lip-syncing live, and Starchild, albeit regarding the backing tracks being put in place to “enhance” the overall concert experience. reassured fans that he was actually singing at the band’s concert.

“He sings every song. So he sings along to it. So he’s not lip-syncing, he’s singing outright.” McGhee began when asked by

“Getting everyone to hear the song the way it should be sung in the first place is just part of the process. When pressed to make sure Stanley is singing along to the backing track, the manager reveals: It’s all part of the process. Because I want to hear everyone sing, he sings…but he sings every song perfectly.

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For years, fans have questioned whether Stanley actually sings live, and for good reason.

In 2015, Gene Simmons argued that bands using backing tracks must disclose this information for each ticket sold, but claimed KISS was not a band using them. “This is about dishonesty, not backing tracks,” the bassist and singer said at the time.

Years later, to this day, there have been numerous incidents of KISS fans dissatisfied with the on-stage product because they noticed live moments that didn’t match what they were hearing on the show.

In 2019, SiriusXM’s DJ Eddie Trunk claimed fans were being refunded through Ticketmaster because KISS wasn’t performing fully live. Trunk also noted that videos of Stanley clearly singing along to his track backing were littered all over YouTube, down to bands/labels/management etc. At least he ordered it to be taken down.

At a show KISS played on their ongoing farewell tour in June 2022, drummer Eric Singer blew out a section of “Detroit Rock City,” despite Stanley not behind the mic at that moment. Evidence of the misfire, in which vocals were heard, was published online. A few days later, estranged member Ace Frehley took aim at his former bandmate on stage at a solo show. “This song is a great song written by Mr. Paul Stanley. By the way, we don’t use tape,” he quipped.

Earlier this year, Maggie said the final KISS show would take place sometime in 2023, when the band’s exhausting End of the Road world tour was underway. Last June, Simmons predicted that 100 more tour dates would be added to the band’s schedule before finally retiring.

It’s hard to say if or when KISS will really cut it all the way.

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