Kirkland Art Center Winter Hootenanny features folk bluegrass music

For as long as I can remember, the Kirkland Arts Center has been a hotbed for all kinds of music, especially bluegrass and folk music.

If violinist Nora Leveneau has anything to say, that tradition won’t end anytime soon.

Nora and her band, The Boom Chickens, will host Kirkland Arts Center’s inaugural “Winter Hootenanny” on Friday, January 27, bringing together the best of local folk and bluegrass music.from 7pm

“I grew up in the traditional music scene in Ireland, where fun, casual music parties are just part of the daily social life,” explains Leveneau. “My friends in the Bluegrass community have it too. I wanted to bring that living room warm energy to this show. The idea is that it is made by

“That’s what folk and traditional music has always been about.”

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