Ken Carson Shares Music Video For ‘Freestyle 2’

Atlanta rapper Ken Carson released a spooky video for ‘Freestyle 2’. One of his standout cuts from the MC’s famous major label his debut Xthe inspiring track has garnered over 16 million Spotify streams and counting.

The spooky visuals were taken after Carson released the deluxe edition of the project. Expansionincluding 5 new songs.

“Freestyle 2” quickly became one of X’s most famous tracks. “And my buddy took off your men. I heard it was your top him shot.” The flex-heavy lyrics continue throughout the song, with the rapper declaring, . The ferocity of Freestyle 2 is perfectly captured on video.

A perfect addition to the cut, the accompanying visuals feature hyper-stylized lo-fi footage and a slasher flick aesthetic. Cigarette smoke and costumed clowns stagger across the screen drunkenly, turning the video into a mini-horror movie.

Before ExpansionCarson began gaining a following in 2020 with a series of EPs. boy barbie When teen x, the latter spawned the viral hit “Yale.”The following year he shared Project X, a hedonistic journey that embodies the spirit of youthful nihilism. mixtape is pitchfork, hip hop DXand other tastemaking outlets.

Carson will open and place in 2022 Yeats 2 Arriba Following the track “Geek High,” he gained momentum with looser tracks like “Teen Bean,” and finally his massive debut album, X, garnered over 162 million global streams. With the release of Expansionand now X’s favorite “Freestyle 2” visual, Carson underscores his status as one of rap’s most exciting newcomers.

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