Kelsea Ballerini, Fletcher Star in Steamy Music Video for Song ‘Better Version’

Fletcher via Instagram, Kelsea Ballerini via Instagram

former The Voice Guest coach Kelsea Ballerini recently announced her ex- x factor Appeared in the music video for Fletcher’s song “Better Version”. The video shows the singer in a relationship that falls apart from a passionate one.

Fletcher and Kelsea Ballerini star in ‘Better Version’ music video

“When I’m alone, there’s this underlying feeling of independence and freedom,” Fletcher says to start the video. “And I only get them when I’m alone.” And those are the feelings I feel you should never let die.

The video then shows two parallel stories. One with Fletcher and one with Ballerini. At first, he is shown kissing and happily in a relationship with co-stars Ava Capri and Gavin Leatherwood.

“Cause baby, I loved you in the worst of times / And I fixed your heart, but mine still breaks,” the pair sing in the song’s chorus. “And now someone else is/getting a better version of you.”

The song’s final line turns things upside down, singing, “And now others are going to get / a better version of me.” At this point, the two singers bump into each other while eating in the diner.

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fans love the new video

Following its release, fans shared their love for the new music video, with one fan writing on YouTube: Another fan called it “a breathtaking, heartbreaking, poignant masterpiece.”

Some fans seem to be shipping Fletcher and Ballerini, with one commenter writing:

Ballerini divorced her husband, Morgan Evans, last year.As for Fletcher, she recently went viral for her sexy performance with the former The Voice Coaching Miley Cyrus on New Year’s Eve.

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