Keith Richards hints at new Rolling Stones music this year

The Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards has hinted that the band has a new song slated for release later this year.

In a short Instagram Reel posted on Jan. 11, the guitarist told his fans: Happy belated new year. ‘ He continued, ‘And some new music is on the way.

Richards did not share further information about a potential Rolling Stones release.

Richards made headlines last year when he talked about the impact the rise of the Beatles had on the Stones, admitting he was jealous of their success. “We were working in a club in London and The Beatles came out and it was a hit. love me do…and we said, “Oh, what a great record,” said Richards. “Our work [at the time] It was to be like the best R&B bands in London and we did it! But there was no thought of moving beyond that stage. [until then]”

Frontman Mick Jagger also commented on Richards’ fascination with the Beatles, adding: The Beatles changed all this.”

He continued, “Keith, he was always playing the Beatles. [and] It absolutely drives me to Batty! The reason he was playing The Beatles wasn’t because he didn’t want to listen to other music. [it was because] Keith wanted to write these pop songs.we [were] It’s definitely a blues band, but I knew it had to be a pop band. ”

The Rolling Stones’ last release to feature new material was a 2020 single live in a ghost town, was released during the coronavirus pandemic. The track was written in 2019 and its release was rushed due to the song’s association with social distancing measures put in place for public health and safety, making it the final release for the Stones on the 2021 single. Followed by the release of new songs. bad eyes When one more shot.

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