Kealan loves singing and listening to music

Sunday’s Child is a weekly column featuring children currently in foster care awaiting adoption.

Kieran is a sweet and carefree 9 year old.

Kieran loves singing and listening to music. Kieran lights up when she hears her favorite song. He also likes to have books read to him and loves spending time with his friends.

Kieran is on the autism spectrum. He uses speech, gestures, pictures, symbols, and audio output devices to communicate throughout the day. He is an active participant both at school and at home. Kieran has his G-tube for feeding and has made great strides in weight gain. Due to his declining eyesight, Kieran can only see about 3-4 feet ahead without his glasses. he is sweet!

Kieran’s social worker, who has been legally released for adoption, is trying to adopt him with a family that can meet his needs and help him grow. and be able to keep up with developmental schedules and help advocate for him at school.

Can I hire you?

If you’re over 18, have a steady source of income, and have some peace of mind, you might be the perfect fit to adopt a child you’re waiting for. Adoptive parents may be single, married, or partnered. whether you have experience renters or homeowners; LGBTQ+ singles and couples;

Foster adoption is completely free in Massachusetts.

The adoption process includes training, interviews, and home visits to determine if adoption is right for you. These steps will help your family match you with a child or sibling group that fits well.

For more information about adopting through foster care, call Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange (MARE) at 617-964-6273 or visit Start the process now and give your waiting child a permanent place to call home.

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