JungKook’s Dreamers music video shoot for FIFA World Cup 2022: 5 highlights you don’t want to miss

BTS’ Jungkook will release “Dreamers” on November 20, 2022 as part of the official soundtrack for this year’s FIFA World Cup. The song featured guest vocals from Fahadh Al Kubaisi, and the collaboration was appreciated by fans for the way the two voices complemented each other. The song was a huge success on charts around the world and was widely admired by fans around the world.

(Jungkook) FIFA World Cup 2022 soundtrack ‘Dreamers’ MV shooting sketch

BANGTAN TV channel recently released a new episode of BTS Episode. It features behind-the-scenes footage from the filming of a music video starring Jungkook. The episode titled “(Jungkook) FIFA World Cup 2022 Soundtrack ‘Dreamers’ MV Shoot Sketch” caused a lot of excitement among ARMYs.

Here are five highlights from this behind-the-scenes video.

1. Jungkook’s long hair is eye-catching

The latest episode of BTS Episode features behind-the-scenes footage from the filming of a music video starring Jungkook, giving fans a glimpse of the singer with long dark hair. Many fans have expressed their appreciation for this new look, saying that Jungkook looks more mature and charismatic with her long hair.

The music video was filmed in Qatar and Jungkook performed with energy and enthusiasm despite the hot weather. In a cute moment captured in behind-the-scenes footage, Jungkook is seen using a fan to cool the sweat off his head. people have taken to social media to express their admiration for the singer’s appearance and performance in music videos. doing.

2. Jungkook spares no effort to perfect his performance

Jungkook is known for his hardworking and dedicated approach to his craft. Throughout the video, Jungkook is seen putting extra effort into perfecting his performance, whether it’s dancing or lip-syncing. We will do our best to provide In one scene, Jungkook is seen rehearsing with the dancers during a break, making sure he is in perfect harmony with them.

In another scene, Jungkook is seen singing a solo shot in the music video. But even after giving such a great performance, Jungkook wants to do better and asks him to do another take. All the staff appreciate the perfection and continue shooting.

3. Jungkook’s tattoos are driving ARMYs crazy

BTS’ Jungkook, also known as “Golden Maknae,” has always been known for his good looks and charm, but lately he’s been showing off a new side of himself by showing off his tattoos more and more. In the footage, the singer’s ink design was on full display.In the video, Jungkook is seen taking off his jacket due to the hot weather, revealing a tattoo on his arm. Many fans have expressed excitement at the sight of Jungkook’s sleeve-length tattoo.

Despite the hot weather, Jungkook performs with energy and enthusiasm. Use a fan or stand in front of a cooler and take breaks to cool and dry the sweat off your head. Fans got a peek at Jungkook’s massive biceps and tattoos, and it was during these breaks that many of them went wild with excitement. To add, I’m obsessed with the singer’s ink pattern.

4. Jungkook’s sweet moment with a falcon

Jungkook was fascinated when he met a falcon on the set of a shoot. He was so intrigued by the bird that he tried to get it to sit on his hand and spoke to it in an adorable way, “Hello, nice to meet you.” Many fans expressed ample love and joy over Jungkook’s adorable interaction with the falcon.

After that, Jungkook also took a great photo with the bird. In these pictures he looks happy and childlike, as if he’s been given a new toy. This made many fans feel “wow” at the sweet and tender moment between Jungkook and Hayabusa.

5. Beautiful shooting location

Behind-the-scenes videos give viewers an up-close look at the breathtaking locations used in the music videos. His one such place is the alley where Jungkook performs with his dancers, adding a unique element to the performance. Another place, the famous restaurant, amazes the audience with its unique architecture and decoration. Jungkook expressed his gratitude to Qatar and said he had a wonderful time filming the music video in such a beautiful location. Thank you.

You can watch the video here:

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