Joyce DiDonato’s EDEN connects children to nature through music

Renowned opera singer Joyce Didonato will perform tomorrow in Santa Barbara with a local youth choir. Didonato is a mezzo-soprano who has performed all over the world and won multiple Grammy Awards for his best classical vocal performance.

Her latest work, EDEN, has a shared message about caring for the environment and brings it to Santa Barbara’s Granada Theater.

Joyce DiDonato’s EDEN stage performance speaks to the perfection and balance of all things nature and the role that everyone plays in caring for the natural world.

“Between the world of classical music and the natural world, there is a very beautiful dance,” Didonato said.

EDEN is also DiDonato’s educational initiative aimed at bringing young people closer to nature through music. She does this by helping them find their voice and become active in the community. She even invites them on stage.

“For children, when you take their hands and show them what the human voice can do, it essentially shows how powerful humans are, right? See if you can – they have the same voice within themselves.

Didonato presents EDEN on Tuesday night at the Granada Theater in Santa Barbara. The show is co-commissioned by the University of California, Santa Barbara. Charles Donelan is with UCSB Arts & Lectures.

“Supporting artists like Joyce Didonato who have reached a stage in their career where they can be truly innovative is a key part of the program’s ambition,” he said.

Donnellan said EDEN attracts audiences of all ages, as well as experienced classical music lovers, with its environmental message and partnership with youth choirs.

DiDonato has toured the state with EDEN, and Donelan said the show was well received.

Joyce Didonato presents EDEN at the Granada Theater in Santa Barbara on Tuesday, January 24, 2023.

“We have received great feedback from the young people participating in the programme. “I would like to use this experience as a way to raise awareness of environmental issues,” he said.

Thing! Performing with Didonato on Tuesday night. sing! is a free program for elementary school students in Santa Barbara County, offered through the Music Academy of the West. Erin McKibben is the program’s director.

“One of the fun parts of the job is introducing these very young students to these major artists. she said.

McKibben said of much of Sing! For participants and their families, this will be their first visit to the historic Granada Theater. In addition to experiencing Joyce Didonato’s performance, she invites students on stage to perform the song Seeds of Hope.

“There was a special song called Seeds of Hope, and Joyce and [youth] English choir and composer. It’s about environmentalism and being an environmental steward,” he said McKibben.

Audience members also receive a small package of seeds to plant a little hope in their community.

According to McKibben, the children are enthusiastic about rehearsing their parts, and from an early age they realize that this is a special occasion.

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