JoJo Siwa to Co-Star in ‘All My Friends Are Dead’ Horror Movie

Jojo Siwa is heading to the big screen. 19 years old dance mom Veterans, singers and YouTube stars set to co-star in horror movie all my friends are dead Opposite Jade Pettyjohn (small fires everywhere) according to deadline.

movie casting from saw 3d Co-writer Marcus Dunstan is reportedly still in the works, and shooting is set to begin in Canada in the spring, with Dunstan directing from a script by Josh Sims and Jessica Sarah Fraum. According to the description, the film follows a group of close friends from college who make a fortune on a fantastic Airbnb for the biggest music festival of the year.

“Party weekends quickly turn for the worst, with members of the group being murdered one after another,” he continued. “They soon realize that each death corresponds directly to one of his seven deadly sins.”

In a statement, Siwa said she was grateful for the opportunity to be in the film, adding: But I love horror movies and can’t wait to start working on one! I’m excited to be working with Jade again. We worked together when we were younger and can’t wait to make this film together. ”

Siwa made headlines last December when she opened up about her breakup with Avery Cyrus and posted a lip-syncing video speculating on the reasons for the breakup. “But I love you, why is she leaving me??!!!” I am writing this before I give it to you. “There’s someone else” and, uh, “You told one of my best friends that you were excited to date me. You said, ‘I want to grow your career and be on top.’ “I think…”

At the end of the clip, she clarified that no third party was involved. “And when I said I just wanted to be friends, I didn’t lead you because after an unplanned hookup, you don’t want anything to do with me.

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