John Lennon’s former home inspired this Judas Priest hit

John Lennon’s former home inspired Judas Priest’s 1980 classic Living After Midnight.

Heavy metal band guitarist Glenn Tipton is at Tittenhurst Park, the former residence of the late Beatles frontman in Berkshire, England, as the band work on their iconic LP ‘British Steel’. I recall how this song was born when I was

In the early hours, he and frontman Rob Halford created the song from the “Imagine” music video, sitting across from Lennon’s famous piano.

He recalls: [Sir] apple star.

“We were out in the pub and when we got back quite late I started working on some ideas in the living room and the noise woke Rob. His bedroom was right above. He came down and said the riff was stuck in his head so I asked him to sing the lyrics on the spot and he said “I love you past midnight and till dawn”. I came up with the words That was how we lived in those days. ”

He continues:

He added to Guitar Player magazine:

“We finished the music before Rob finished the lyrics. Like every great song I’ve ever written, it came together very quickly.The best songs always are.It was almost completely formed from the beginning.With different approaches and stylistic changes. It didn’t evolve, it just came out of nowhere and worked instantly.”

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