Jelly Roll Dubs Morgan Wallen “The King Of Country Music Right Now,” Says He’s A “Real Guy In A Town Full Of Fakes”

When identifying dishonest people, jelly roll Don’t be afraid to call it as it is. Conversely, however, he also points to people who remain consistently true to who they are.

And one of those people Morgan Warren.

“Morgan Warren is a real man in a city of fakes,” Jelly Roll said in a recent interview. music mayhem“That’s the truth. Country music has a lot of fake smiles, but Morgan Warren is the real scammer.”

Jelly Roll, 38, first met Wallen, 29, through mutual friend ERNEST from Nashville. Warren confirmed the friendship in 2022, country countdown usa with host Ron Helton. At the time, the “You Proof” hitmaker had many positive comments about Jelly Roll’s success and personality.

“I know him through ERNEST, and I think ERNEST knows him well,” Wallen previously said. “…Jelly is always in a good mood and wants everyone to have a good time. I see how he treats people, that’s what I look for in a man.I’m happy to see him succeed and on top of that he’s very talented. It’s good to see good people win.”

Remembering Warren’s words of love and support, Jelly Roll said: yes. he went astray.He doesn’t give interviews much and when I sit in the top 5 [at Country radio] It doesn’t hurt that Morgan does an interview and yells at me.

At the time of Warren’s Scream, Jelly Roll’s “Son of a Sinner,” produced by Ernest and Ilya Toszynski and co-written by Jelly Roll with Ernest and David Ray Stevens, was in the top ten. . billboardUS Hot Country Songs chart. Jelly Roll subsequently took the song to the top of the charts, making it her first country No. 1 on radio. And while he’s achieved that success all on his own, Jelly Roll can’t help but humbly credit the camaraderie he’s experienced in his country country format for that accomplishment.

“I spoke to someone privately the other day, and I’m going to say it publicly, Morgan personally gave me advice, how to talk about me privately in a room, and by the way he did it, you has helped me more than I could have ever imagined.He spoke publicly about me. [a good friend to me]’” Jellyroll said of Warren. “Let me tell you, it’s not a bad thing to have the greatest artist in the genre pushing your back, definitely. So I mean, you can’t ask for better friends in better times.” I didn’t.

“I just appreciate his friendship and appreciate that he’s the star of the city. I’m thrilled with his success too,” he added.

In addition to getting maximum support, even if you don’t The Country music’s biggest artist, Jelly Roll, has also noticed how Wallen is defending his many-time touring buddies ERNEST and HARDY. Jelly Roll calls his trio of friends “the best combination in country music.” This is due to their “genuine friendship” and the fact that Wallen took two of his artists under his umbrella when the opportunity arose.

“How Morgan took Hardy and Ernest on tour last year and then doubled back to bring them both back. [again]said Jellyroll Bushin’ With The Boys interview. “Let me tell you how Nashville works. Every record label and booking his agent in town pitched everyone to Morgan except Hardy and Ernest.”

“He’s an 800-pound gorilla,” added Jelly Roll. “Morgan Warren is the king of country music right now.”

In addition to supporting Bailee Zimmerman and Parker McCallum, Morgan Warren will soon embark on an extensive One Night at a Time world tour with Hardy and Ernest. One of his biggest tours to date in 2023 and the biggest tour of Warren’s career, his 58-show trek will see 26 stadiums, plus four countries and his two Fans from four continents visit arenas, amphitheaters and festivals.

The tour officially kicks off on Wednesday March 15th at Spark Arena in Auckland, New Zealand. The U.S. tour will begin on his April 14th, back-to-back at Milwaukee’s American Family Field. The tour circles North America, stopping at 17 stadiums, various arenas, amphitheaters, and festivals.

Jelly Roll, who are currently on a tour hiatus aside from a few festival appearances, recently released two new songs, including ‘She’ and ‘Need A Favor’. An album that would be his first full-length country project.

in a recent interview music mayhemJelly Roll talked about his debut country album. [of 2023]”

“I’m really proud of it. I’ll add some features to it. It’s a country record for sure,” he told us. I think ‘Son of a Sinner’ just showed people what I could do, but there’s a real rock record, a real rock record. There was also. And I have some songs that I’m spitting a little too. So that certainly applies to jelly rolls as well. ”

The new project will serve as a follow-up to his 2021 album. Ballad of the Brokenincludes chart-topping hits “Son Of a Sinner” and “Dead Man Walking,” as well as fan favorites like “Sober,” “Empty House,” and more.

Jelly Roll currently has no headliner tour dates in the book, but this summer will include Tailgate & Tallboys Bloomington, Tailgate & Tallboys Clinton, Tidalwave Music Festival and more. I plan to perform at several festivals.

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