Jason Newsted Starting a ‘Heavy’ New Band, Auditioning Guitarists

Jason Newsted is arguably Metallica’s most beloved ex-bassist, so it’s always exciting when he announces a new band. ” fact!

recently. Newsted was stopped by Gator 98.7 gator garage Q&A session and VIP in-studio performance with hosts Jason and Franny. Near the end of the chat, after talking about his history, experiences and future plans as an artist, Newsted was asked about his current and future musical endeavors.

He happily explained:

Actually, I put together “The Chophouse Band Volume 1” over half a year last year.The chophouse band stayed together [and] I have been making music since 1992. It says so on his shirt. It’s my first album in 30 years, and I’ve spent a lot of time on it. And once I put it under my belt, I’m back to heavy stuff.

So. For the past few weeks, I’ve been auditioning guitarists for a heavy project. I’m back on bass and singing with a metal drummer. So I have some stuff – some iron in the fire. I’m currently putting together two new projects and I’m picky.

You can watch the footage below:

Jason Newsted talks art and plans for ‘heavy’ new band with Gator 98.7

As die-hard fans no doubt know, the Chophouse Band formed in 2016 (after the end of his self-titled and metal-tinged Newsted). The project leans towards styles like folk-rock, bluegrass, country, and rockabilly, as covers such as 2021 Johnny His Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues” show.

That said, as transcribed by Blabbermouth, Newsted told Gator 98.7 in April 2022 that the group “now… reaches a place heavier than anything else I’ve been involved with – Voivod, Ozzy [Osbourne], Metallica, The Newstead Band. Any of those things – it reaches those places now.

Prior to the question and answer session, Newsted and “Friends” also performed an original song called “Blackbird.” You can watch that clip below:

Jason Newsted and friends perform ‘Black Bird’ live at Gator 98.7

So are you looking forward to the next Chophouse Band record? Who do you think Newsted is auditioning for his “heavy” new band?

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