Is this the dream karaoke machine?

Anyone who loves to sing has had the frustrating experience of going to karaoke and realizing that the song they’ve always wanted to sing wasn’t in the book. Or, although it’s in the book, Friendly Karaoke He Jockey (KJ) says he doesn’t really have it. Or plugging into a cubicle system and suddenly trying to find inspiration from a cheesy MIDI version of “Purple Rain” that cuts out before the big finish. Living in Oregon and a karaoke wizard, unless he can visit Baby Ketten, he’ll be spending a lot of time karaoke wishing his bar had it. 1 The song you’ve always dreamed of.

So why not take advantage of the richness that YouTube has to offer and sing at home. Yes, there is a notable creator, like American hero Remy Caution, who uses a vocal removal processor to create professional-quality karaoke his videos for the types of songs never seen in a karaoke book. nevertheless! Elsewhere on YouTube you’ll have to deal with crappy bootleg arrangements with videos that claim lyrics but no lyrics, or where Lady Gaga’s voice is right there in the mix and no competition is possible And what if you find the right video? Nothing makes a karaoke night more fun than watching Geico’s 15-second pre-roll ad.

Apple Music Sing, launched in December, claims to solve all these problems. Streaming music promises a ‘Heavenly Jukebox’ with every song ever recorded at your fingertips). Combining the same kind of audio erasure processor used by bespoke karaoke creators with Apple’s incredible lyric database, Sing instantly turns any song in your Apple Music library, no matter how obscure, into a karaoke video. can be created. The lyrics scroll with you and you can control the lead level of his singer’s voice. Turn it down a lot if you’re very confident, and turn it up a little if you need support. In addition, Sing with “Purple Rain” supports Revolution with full Dolby sound.


I have many opinions on what makes a karaoke experience great. Karaoke killer app? I gathered with a group of friends in a family room in the suburbs to find out.

The first problem was getting it working. Sing is part of the Apple Music app, but requires an Apple Music subscription to get it. ($10.99 per month.) Even if you’re already subscribed, you’ll need a relatively new device running the latest iOS.When after that I need to project the lyrics to the TV and play the song through the TV’s speakers, which is not a problem at all. This is probably easier if you have the latest version of his Apple TV that supports Sing, but when he was trying to AirPlay my phone on my neighbor’s old Apple TV, this was a big mess. and took forever.

But in the end, it worked! The lyrics were projected on the screen, Van Halen’s “Panama” was playing over the speakers, and I was standing at the microphone. My next-door neighbor, preschool music teacher, has a mic and an amp, and is doing her best. David Riros. (You can’t split.) Dim the lights. Our neighbor’s teenage kids came upstairs from the basement, jeered and locked out.

Apple Music Sing really took off when we started diverging from the karaoke standard. Shine.

But it wasn’t perfect. For some reason, using his AirPlay on the TV would show the lyrics, but not in the bouncing ball-following style of his videos, which are true karaoke. Duet was also a problem. Except for a few songs specifically designated by Apple, most of Sing’s duets do not provide lyrics for each singer. So which part of “Rock Lobster” is Fred and which part is Cindy and Kate. It also removes most of the song’s background vocals, whatever magic vocal removal algorithm Apple uses, which can make some arrangements sound terribly empty.

Then disaster. My friend Kevin, who was already a bit of a reluctant singer, finally turned on the mic and the whole system went haywire. Lyrics disappeared from TV. His phone somehow synced with mine and both played the same song at different points in time. He fiddled with the remote, trying to figure out what was going wrong. After failing “March of the Ants” his three or his four times, he gave up and sat back down. Understandably, he was annoyed. It’s no fun when a song gets ruined by a technical glitch. It’s even less fun when you have to solve the problem yourself instead of the good staff at the karaoke bar. I knew it would take a lot of time to get him off the couch.

Sing really started to shine when we started to branch out from karaoke standards. “Whoa! Listen to me! I’m in the stereo! The stereo!” Soon, they too searched their catalogs for karaoke obscurities, each of us revealing our own tastes and aspects of music history, a complete surprise to others. Turns out I liked going to clubs and vaguely singing euro anthems like Real McCoy’s “Another Night.”Aria seized the opportunity to sing her favorite song crazy ex girlfriend, and since everyone blew up on “Let’s Generalize About Men,” she may have gained a few more viewers for the show. Rachel gave a melancholy rendition of Harry Chapin’s “Flowers Are Red.” This song was a song she used to play for a teacher at the school she used to work at. (It’s a cautionary tale, and we all nearly cried at the end.) Ashley sang “I Sing the Body Electric.” fame As for her audition piece, she was a freshman in high school and she still remembered every word.

It turns out that there are many songs you can sing at karaoke that aren’t “Don’t Stop Believin’.” Love Broadway musicals but sick of “memories”? Apple Music Sing has the original cast albums of every musical ever released. (From “I Believe”) Book of Mormon: A great karaoke jam. ) Love classic rock and wish you could sing the half-forgotten FM radio hits we all knew as a kid? and Neil Young’s ‘Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere’. (Unlike Spotify, Apple Music still has Neil.) Rachel’s classic Her rock tastes are a little less folky and more trashy, so she’ll be playing “Love Stinks” on her J. Geils Band. concluded with a truly dazzling performance.

Does Sing replace a night at the karaoke bar? Not exactly. Putting yourself in the hands of someone else’s system, letting KJ run into the night, or making private his room your own party lit by his balls in a sweaty disco, is a big deal. There is renunciation. I especially appreciate KJ’s great ability to cue up songs, keep the party going, tweak mixes to make them sound better, and change pitch and tempo for those who want songs to suit their will. I missed it. But once the bugs are worked out, Sing will almost certainly replace his YouTube karaoke at home. It’s really great to be able to sing your favorite songs the way you like. I keep notes in my phone of the songs I want to sing on karaoke nights that used to be just B-level Springsteen hits and Janet Jackson jams. “Slack Motherfucker”! Alcohol addict! they are all available.

It was nearing midnight at our neighborhood karaoke party. It turned out to be REM’s “Superman.” It was a song that everyone knew, a song that no one had ever sung in public, a song with very simple harmonies.Who’s on the mic for this grand finale? Kevin, Michael Stipe standing up from the couch and everyone singing happily in the background he.

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