Is Another ‘Big 4’ Concert Possible? See What Ex-Megadeth Bassist David Ellefson Thinks

A few weeks ago, Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian said another “Big 4” concert (featuring Megadeth, Metallica, Anthrax and Slayer) would not take place “until 2025”, if at all. Now that former Megadeth bassist David Ellefson is also on board, his prospects are no longer hopeful.

Last Tuesday (January 31st), YouTube channel BODS Mayhem Hour posted an interview with Ellefson. In addition to discussing his upcoming EPs for Kings of Thrash and The Lucid, Saddle up & ride – They talked about the possibility of another ‘Big 4’ tour.

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See, Slayer is retired, so not at this point. “Big 3” [show], see?I think that’s why it became such a cool bag [then] – I mean, it was just coming back to Megadeth [and] Joey Belladonna had just returned to Anthrax. Dave Lombardo is back in his Slayer. You know, there was a little family reunion with all of us, and then there was a big family reunion…we’re all doing it together. So it was a really special moment.

[Deceased Slayer guitarist] Jeff Hanneman is no longer here and a lot has changed since then.Come to think of it, it was more than ten years ago [2010 – 2011]That was 10, 11, 12 years ago.A lot has changed in that time, but luckily we were still alive and healthy. [Samuelson, late Megadeth drummer] and Nick Menza [deceased Megadeth drummer] do you know what i mean? Luckily we found it in the moment we were still alive and healthy and able to do it.

He certainly makes some good points there.It’s not like the slash legend keeps busy.

For example, Megadeth is on the road to support 2022 The sick, the dying, and the dead! Similarly, Anthrax are currently celebrating their 40th anniversary on tour. black label association and Exodus), and Ellefson is preparing to bring Kings of Slash to the stage later this month.

Additionally, Metallica is gearing up to release 72 seasons Embark on a gigantic world tour (tickets available here).

In the meantime, you can watch Ellefson’s full interview with BODS Mayhem Hour below. Also, be sure to let us know what you think about his thoughts on a possible ‘Big 4’ reunion!

David Ellefson Talks Kings Of Thrash, The Lucid And The Big 4 With BODS Mayhem Hour

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