Inhaler: ‘We just never wanted to be that band that was ruled by one person’

Matt Wilkinson joins Inhaler in his hometown of Dublin for an exclusive interview with Apple Music 1. They discuss his new album ‘Cuts & Bruises’ (released tomorrow 17th February), playing live post-Covid, friendships within the band, lessons learned from U2 and more…

Inhalers: Elijah Hewson, Robert Keating, Josh Jenkinson, Ryan McMahon

Inhaler (Robert) on playing live after Covid…

To begin with, we didn’t do many festivals. I think I’ve somehow missed a couple of festival seasons or so. But then there was that Covid period and when we got back to it, I think we really wanted to grab it when it was right in front of us. I think we had a little more greed and almost ambition. I knew that if the next ten gigs all failed, this could be the end of us.

Inhaler (Elijah) talks about making album 2…

We definitely struggled, but we didn’t… it was pretty quick. I think we came here and started writing material for it with a lot of slow-tempo, mid-tempo songs. Then I went into the studio, and I needed a single, so I had to finish a lot of material there, and I ended up writing a lot of new stuff there. But I think you can feel this room on this album.

Inhaler (Robert) On Band Friendship…

Defo, I think those moments of conflict always led to something better. It’s like, you can’t go to work and then leave. It’s like being together all the time. So they usually lead to answers that make us quarrel, but it leads to really good arguments and makes us all feel closer and more in tune with each other and more together. . came from something opposite. So I think it’s a healthy part of every relationship.

What Inhaler (Elijah) Learned From His Father, U2 Lead Singer Bono

I think you must have been used to conversations and such when you were a child. Also, we didn’t want to be a band dominated by one person. Longevity is about everyone participating equally, everyone investing equally, and no one thinking, “Oh, I don’t want to do that, or I don’t want to do that part, I just want to.” It comes from a way of saying no. to do this part. It’s like the fact that we all reap the rewards together, making it a better experience for everyone equally.

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