Iggy Azalea New Music & ‘Scandalous Sh–’ Is On the Way – Billboard

First of all, she’s still real. Iggy Azalea took to his media on Social on Tuesday (January 10) to confirm that he will be releasing new music later this year.

The rapper teased the new song in response to a fan directly asking when the new music will arrive on Twitter. Scandalous sh–?… Friday. (She previously confirmed her spectacular return to music last summer, denouncing her followers’ tendency to be negative and nosy. So if I can’t have peace, neither can you. I’ll be back. Cry about it,” she said.)

Azalea didn’t offer any further clues about the scandal she’s currently gearing up for the weekend, but music through the summer is 2021 single “Knock It will be her first new release since “Yourself Out”.

Starr also dropped her latest full-length that same year. end of an eraSingles with Tyga, “Sip It,” “Brazil,” and “Iam the Stripclub,” as well as hip-hop star Bia’s Sisterhood (“Is That Right”) and Elise (“Day 3 in Miami (End of an Era)”) ) and Alice Chater (“NYE”).

Both announcements follow Azalea’s sale of its legacy catalog to Domain Capital in an eight-figure deal. The deal includes both the rapper master and the publishing rights to past hits like “Fancy” (with Charli XCX), “Black Widow” (with Rita Ora) and “Problem” (with Ariana Grande). was included.

See Azalea’s latest teases about new music below.

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