Ice Cube Says Tupac Wanted To Make Music Like N.W.A.

In a recent interview, Ice Cube spoke candidly about meeting Tupac Shakur during his roadie days at Digital Underground.the rapper stopped by People’s Party On the podcast, chat with host Talib Kweli and other West Coast legends Snoop Dogg, Too Short, and E-40 to talk about OG supergroup MountWestmore. During the chat, Cube said that he met Shakur as a young and hungry rapper, that NWA had a huge influence on him, and that he also reflected on Cube and the legendary rap music of his group. We shared what made us want to make music.

“He would always say, ‘This digital shit is cool, but I want to make a record like you,'” he said. Extremely. do you understand what i’m saying? I’d like to talk about what sh*t is like.

Cube said he inspired the rapper to keep moving forward and pave the way. He recalls that Shakur was “a fun guy with a lot of energy” and recalls a funny moment with the rhyme of “California Love”.

The mature rapper also saw the rise of Shakur’s star before the second half of his career embroiled in controversy due to a series of events, including several arrests, involvement with Death Row Records, and an affair with Biggie Smalls. I shared what it was like to see He started a regional war between the West Coast and the East Coast. The tension reached a climax and both Smalls and Shakur died in quick succession.

Check out the full interview above.

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