‘I want to win so bad, and I’m here to prove it’

Viral star Chief Rocka’s tone returns to America’s Got Talent for the first time in a decade. (Photo: NBC)

second week America’s Got Talent: All-Star It took place on Monday and included many familiar faces and fan favorites among this week’s ten nominees. should do it That season’s winner and runner-up aerialist, Aidan Bryant.

But we’ll talk more about that rivalry later. Bryant definitely had some unfinished business this week, but so did his ass-loving rapper Tone the Chief Rocka. AGTMore A judge when he first competed ten years ago.

“When he found out Simon was coming here, the man know Music — “B-Double-OT-Y” jammummum‘” Tone explained on Monday.

Tone the Chief Rocka returns in America's Got Talent: All-Stars. In hopes of impressing Simon Cowell. (Photo: NBC)

Chief Rocka’s tone returns to ‘America’s Got Talent: All-Stars’ in hopes of impressing Simon Cowell. (Photo: NBC)

Inglewood’s Tone the Chiefrocca sandwiched between his brother and hypeman DJ ColyCole, AGTMore In Season 8, he proclaimed, “My dream is to be a one-hit wonder,” without making excuses. And although he could only reach the semi-finals that season, he performed “B-Double-OTY” to reach the semi-finals. three If you really think about it, it was kind of impressive – and he kind of got his wish. By the way, on iTunes he was #1 for two days. kids music Chart due to technical error. (“My cousin uploaded it by mistake,” Chief Rocka shrugged.) But hey, that’s okay. That’s more than most artists ever get.

Anyway, at that time, the current all the stars Judges Howie Mandel and Heidi Klum were on the panel, but Cowell was not. It was Howard Stern’s season, and Stern voted against Chief Rocka in the quarterfinals. Judge Mel B saved Tone and put him in as a wildcard to the semi-finals, but at that point, a disgusted Stern rang him with a red X and eventually sent him home. So this was the perfect opportunity for Tone to try again with the same song.

“Same songs, same people… different times,” Mandel laughed Monday.

“Shake-a-Dat” is the only song Tone the Chiefrocca has released on Spotify in the last decade, but his original goal, “Shake-a-Dat,” has only been played 9,550 times. So far, compared to about 209,000 for “B-Double-OTY”, is not hit. So Chief Rocka, who claimed to be working as “Tone the Dishwasha” since the peak of his career in 2013, has performed his beloved Booty Jam/Earworm. Also Monday, 4th overall AGTMore history.

And this fourth time it seemed like it might be a charm – Cowell is notorious for being one of the most displeased men in show business, but in reality. loved that. He even rapped a bit as the crowd waving light sticks went wild. Chief Rocka was extremely shocked and mocked by the Token Mean Judge’s reaction.

Chief Rocka and hypeman DJ ColyCole setting the tone (Photo: NBC)

Chief Rocka and hypeman DJ ColyCole setting the tone (Photo: NBC)

“Some things get better over time,” said Cowell. “Wow! I love these guys. They’re funny, but the songs very! ”

Simon was right. “B-Double-OTY” is Bop, Fatboys, Run DMC or, of course, old-school lampshakers like fellow derriere aficionado Thermix Alot. However, Monday’s competition was tough. Only two of the ten “Best of the Best” graduates this week made it to the finals.Recorded???) episode, and another one picked via the Golden Buzzer by one of the cast members (this week it was host Terry Crews’ turn).

Crews seriously swung his booty to Tone and ColyCole’s funky, fresh performances (“You only need one song, if that’s all right,” he pointed out), but he’s got one. I chose not to use Buzzer. So it all came down to America’s Mystery Jury. “I want to say this,” Tone forcefully told a superfan, “If he has only one act, there is no better act than having only one.” 1 Jam to Rock? “Good point,” Cowell quipped.

But then again, this was a night of intense competition, so it was clear that all of this would make for Tone the Chief Rocka’s 15 minutes or so of fame… semi-heyday. Despite delivering what Mandel called a “winning performance”, Mandel’s other quick Monday eliminations included Poland’s 10 1980s singer Sarah James (Cowell’s Golden Buzzer winner for season 17) and Cowell describe it as “flawless” and “the standard everyone should have”.

The crew instead awarded the Detroit Youth Choir the Golden Buzzer as it did in 2019. It seemed like a sentimental and emotionally driven decision, in the same way Mandel gave Ukrainian dance team Light Balance Kids a buzzer last week. One golden buzzer isn’t enough for what you’ve done in this world,” Crewe said to the choir leader. .

Perhaps the crew didn’t think this week’s obvious frontrunner, the aforementioned Aidan Bryant, needed a golden buzzer.When that Bringing it into this week’s rematch between Bryant and Dustin Tavera…

When Tabera Wins america’s got talent In 2021, he was definitely not the frontrunner that season.Crew actually revealed it’s the closest finale vote AGTMore history. But Bryant, a small-town aerialist in his teens, studied YouTube and self-taught his level of Cirque du Soleil stunts by swinging from a sheet tied to a tree in his backyard. , appeared to have the best shot at his $1 million prize money and his Vegas residency that year.When the championship went to Tabera instead — who didn’t have a big breakout moment and certainly wasn’t one of the best magicians ever to compete AGTMore (Or even one of the best magicians competing in season 16) — many viewers weren’t thrilled. But the person who was least thrilled, certainly, was Bryant himself.

The night Aidan Bryant lost 'America's Got Talent' (Photo: NBC)

Aidan Bryant the night he lost ‘America’s Got Talent’ in 2021. (Photo: NBC)

Bryant, who was 16 when he first came out, said Monday that when it came to him and Tavera in the season 16 finale, the studio audience overwhelmingly “shouted my name.” He remembered thinking to himself, “I got this”—and when he didn’t win, he was “beaten down”. Told. After that, I remember going to you and saying, ‘I promise you, it’s not the end’. ”

“I want to win So Bad, I’m here to prove it,” Bryant proclaimed Monday, adding that with only one barely noticeable glitch, and without nets or safeguards, it’s more daring and ill-advised than any routine he’s attempted before. I’ve found success with a stable routine…harness. (Side note: After the tragic accident of stuntman Jonathan Goodwin, America’s Got Talent: Extreme I’m really surprised the show allowed this last year. ) Klum exclaimed about the “nerve-wracking” spectacle, but said it was Bryant’s best yet, and Mandel agreed, calling it “more frightening, more dangerous, and far better than anything else.” I’ve seen you do it. ”

Ultimately, Bryant made it into the top three, but Tavera didn’t. So Bryant had already gotten some revenge. (I must say, this time Tavera seemed “crushed” and “torn apart”, or at least terribly disappointed. all the stars The final following Terry Fator’s shock shutout last week. )

Interestingly, the other two contestants in the top three were non-existent international artists. AGTMore Fan base: India’s Got Talent Hip-hop duo Dibianche & Manuraj, aptly described by Klum as ‘Bollywood meets Brooklyn’, and Vitoria Bueno, an 18-year-old, born armless Brazilian ballerina, win the Golden Buzzer Award and place second became. Germany’s Got Talent (Obviously, these superfans were fairer than I gave them credit for., the hand-balanced trio, The Velocisters.

Returnees to watch out for in the future America’s Got Talent: All-Star Episodes include singer/pianist and season 14 winner Cody Lee, spoken word artist and season 15 champion Brandon Leake, adorable comedian Josh Blue, saxophonist Avery Dixon, and more. As for the pranksters Tone the Chiefrocca and ColyCole, it’s a shame they won’t get a chance to perform “B-Double-OTY” for the fifth time this season, but they’re making the most of their new exposure and making the stream… And their cousin now uploads the track to the correct Apple Music category.

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