‘I just want to say I’m sorry’

Maren Morris will be a guest judge on Season 15 of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’. (Photo: World of Wonder)

When Maren Morris Was a Guest Judge RuPaul’s Drag Race On Friday, she seemed more excited than the contestants themselves to be in the workroom during MTV’s official aftershow. bare.

“I’m crazy. I’ve loved this show for years and it’s just crazy drag racing In a tweet on Friday, the country superstar, who described her appearance on the show as a “decade-long dream” come true, gushed over the cast. I feel like

Morris’s Kiki with the Queen began carefree. drag racing Joke Alert — who appeared to be over 40 inches long) took the opportunity to improve her style and also offer advice on dealing with setbacks and criticism in the world of talent shows.

“I’m 32, but I’ve been performing since I was 10. american idol,I tried. america’s got talent, The Voice — they all said no,” Morris revealed. “Obviously devastated. And now I’m so glad I’ve come a long way…because people audition for my songs on those shows!

But when Morris finished a Werk Room chat with 15 contestants vying for America’s next drug superstar, she got surprisingly serious.

“Coming from my relationship with country music and LGBTQ+ members, I just want to say sorry,” she said. “And I love you all for making me feel like a brave voice in country music. Just a big thank you to all of you for inspiring me. I’m going to cry! I have to go!”

“Your being here shows that you are on the side,” contestant Mistress Isabel Brooks assured the emotional singer.

After Morris actually left the set, contestant Spice told producers: Just her being here shows that she’s depressed and that she can get along with the LGBT. “

This wasn’t the first time Morris was an outlier in country music’s vocal proquer. During Pride Month 2018, she wrote a “love letter to the LGBTQ community.” billboardwrote: “One of my favorite experiences from my Headline Tour [in 2017] I was able to really see who my fans were and where they came from.The LGBTQ community has been very accepting of me. Country music is a genre that has historically been different, so I felt a precious responsibility to be the voice of country music for them. “

Most recently, Morris interviewed an advocacy group for GLAAD’s Spirit Day 2022 campaign, in which she explained: ‘ I think it was really important what was instilled in me from an early age, especially growing up in the South. I didn’t realize how important it actually was until I started working in country music as an adult in my twenties. …to correct that, I’m not talking about what your favorite color is, so I’m definitely going to be hot. We are talking about people’s lives. “

Also last year, Morris accused conservative country star Jason Aldean’s wife, Brittany Karr Aldean, for transphobic comments Brittany made on Instagram, calling her a “vile human being.” It spread by word of mouth when it was called “Riot Barbie”. Host Tucker Carlson describes Morris as a “crazy country music guy”. Morris sold official “Lunatic Country Music Person” t-shirts and raised her over $150,000 for her Transgender Media Program on Trans Lifeline and her GLAAD.

Morris may be in the minority of LGBTQ+ sympathizers in country music, but she’s certainly not the only one. drag racing As sincere and well-received as her apology was, guest judge Shania Twain drag racing For Season 10, he recently recorded a duet, “Legends Never Die,” with up-and-coming openly gay country singer Orville Peck. drag racing this season), and “Follow Your Arrow”/”Rainbow” star Kacey Musgraves was also a guest judge. drag racingrun with ; drag racing Alumni Monet X-Change and Trinity the Tuck. Season 13 winner Symone hired her to star in her “Simple Times” music video. Musgraves is executive producing her new Apple+ talent competition. My Kind of CountryAccording to a press release, Peck will be judging alongside Jimmy Allen and Mickey Guyton to “break down barriers in country music by offering a unique opportunity for diverse and innovative artists around the world.” I hope

“I don’t think country fans are given enough credit for how open they are,” Peck told Yahoo Entertainment last year. I have a lot to do and sometimes I get a little nervous when I’m on stage.But at the end we dance and sing together.I think country is storytelling.And at the end of the day, if you’re a true fan of country, I just want to hear those new perspectives, I know, and Peck admitted that “the innate feeling of being left out is still there.” However, he said his success shows that the country genre is “completely changing and evolving”.

One drag racing The franchise’s most successful music artist, Americana singer-songwriter, all stars 3 Winner Trixie Mattel — who recently played the iconic role of June Carter-Cash in the rebellious remake of the Carter/Cash duet “Jackson” with Peck, also told Yahoo Entertainment: increase. They are perceived as more closed than they really are. It’s one of the most extreme voices representing the masses: not all churchgoers hate gays. Not everyone who listens to folk or country is against drugs.I mean, look around — it’s Dolly [Parton] Are you dragging? She probably wears a bigger wig than I do now!”

Speaking of Parton, Friday bare In the episode, another thank you Season 15 Queen, Loosey Laduca, during this week’s Maxi Challenge to Morris for praising her spot-on Dolly Parton impersonation, seen below. “You’re a country gal and your validation of my Dolly meant all To me,” said Raduka. hopefully someday, RuPaul’s Drag Race Parton can be persuaded to be a guest judge as well.

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