How the Lord of the Rings’ Middle-earth Was Created Through Music

Tolkien’s love of music shines through throughout The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, so much so that the entire Middle-earth was created by song.

Read on Hobbit When Lord of the Ring, author JRR Tolkien’s love of music shines through. Throughout the book, there are numerous songs and poems written by Tolkien himself, which are often shown as a large part of Middle-earth culture. The creation of the universe itself was told in a song.

One of the reasons Middle-earth feels so alive and real is because the world contains so much lore. Not only did Tolkien provide the background for most of the characters and locations, Lord of the Ringbut he also worked on a huge timeline detailing every significant moment in history, going all the way back to creation itself.

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Middle-earth was born by song

Gandalf arriving on the Shire in Lord of the Rings.

first part of Silmarilion (Tolkien’s collection of works) is titled “Inguinal: The Music of the Ainur.” It begins with El Ilvataar, the god of everything, creating a powerful spirit called Ainur. These Ainur would go on to create Middle-earth and the many things that inhabit it, but first they had to learn the art of “music”. It is said to be named theme.

Simply put, in the world of Lord of the Ringmusic was a power that spirits could wield and use to create whatever they wanted. It wasn’t until Elle taught them to sing together that they realized their true potential, and together they sang the universe into existence through a great song.

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The music that created the Lord of the Rings villains

Fingolfin fights Morgoth LOTR

When Ainur worked together to create the universe, there was one Melkor who sang his own song. Despite the desire of others to create life, Melkor desired to control that life and rule as leader. The other spirits continued to sing without him, forming a world known as Arda. I was allowed to enter the land that was to be known.

However, the other spirits were deceived, as Melkor soon became known as Morgoth, the first Dark Lord of Middle-earth. He arrived to destroy much of what had already been built in order to claim it as his own. Soon, Orcs, Balrogs, and giant spiders were created by the Dark Lords, and it was up to the humans and elves of Middle-earth to defeat these mighty foes. rice field.

After all, music isn’t just important to American culture. Lord of the Ringit formed the foundation of the world itself. Without it, Middle-earth and its entire universe would not exist. However, this same music was able to create Morgoth and his eventual disciple, Sauron, so that level of power is not immune to corruption.

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