How Netflix is shaping the music tastes of teenagers

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Netflix released two of the best-performing shows of the year: stranger 4 When Wednesday. Both series have been hugely successful among adults and teenagers due to their unique blend of nostalgia and relatable adolescent characters. It’s never been easier for people to discuss their favorite shows. With just a few clicks, you can find a community dedicated to discussing characters and creating fan theories.

TikTok is in part thanks to the success of certain shows, such as: Wednesdaythe platform is a trend-based formula that allows fans to create viral sounds and challenges using material from the show, essentially promoting the series to unsuspecting app users. WednesdayA scene in which the title character dances to The Cramps’ 1981 punk track “Goo Goo Muck” went viral, prompting teenagers around the world to recreate actor Jenna Ortega’s unorthodox dance routines . The track has since been streamed over 16 million times for her on Spotify.

But it’s just one of the many examples of an old song unknown to many adolescents that is very popular on TikTok and therefore very popular among the younger generation. stranger things Four An episode in which Sadie Sink’s character Max performed Kate Bush’s favorite song, “Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God),” went viral again. For a second, swiping the app without hearing the words, “If only I could/make a deal with God/and have him trade our places.” Bush also expressed her joy that the song had been discovered by a new generation of people. I have never experienced anything like this before! The song reached number one in a handful of countries, including the UK, where it was on the charts for three consecutive weeks, and her album love hound It also topped the US alternative charts.

stranger things Also this year, we gave new life to two tracks: Musical Youth’s “Pass the Dutchie” and Metallica’s “Master of Puppets.” The latter is performed by Joseph Quinn’s character Eddie Manson in a dramatic sequence in which he attempts to distract Demobat in Upside Down. Entering the charts for the first time since, Quinn’s outcast Metalhead character’s popularity introduced Metallica to a new legion of young fans. fortnitethe band is set to gain more teenage fans.

Still, streaming services have shaped teens’ music tastes for years before they were released. Wednesday When stranger 4Dangerous Teen Drama on Channel 4 skin As evidenced by the abundance of screengrabs of characters such as the rebellious Effie Stonem and the eccentric Kathy Ainsworth floating around the internet, it’s been available on Netflix for years and years. Teens on TikTok seem to be doing audio bites and fan edits as if the show is outdated.

enduring popularity of skin coincides with the rise of this year’s resurgent “indie-three” aesthetic. Think of the wild partying images of Kate Moss and Alexa Her Chan in the late 2000s. skin) and put together a messy yet chic outfit. Its soundtrack has also regained popularity due to the show’s popularity among teenagers trying to recreate a style they were too young to participate in for the first time. Artists have found a new teen fanbase with songs like “Crimewave” and “Transgender” going viral on TikTok.

Additionally, contemporary artists such as Baby Queen, Beabadoobee, and Wolf Alice are expanding their fan bases by participating in Netflix originals. heart stopperThe LGBT+ coming-of-age drama has amassed more than 50 million viewers since its debut in April, and the songs on its soundtrack have skyrocketed in popularity. ‘Don’t Delete The Kisses’ from Wolf Alice’s 2017 Mercury Prize-winning album vision of life was a success when it was released five years ago. This song currently has almost his 68 million streams, while the other songs on the album mostly average between her 2 million and her 6 million streams.

With Netflix’s hegemony, streaming services have had a tremendous amount of influence. With the majority of her audience being her teens, the most susceptible social group, it’s no wonder that music featured on successful shows gains popularity. It’s encouraging that teens are open to listening to old classics, and it’s refreshing to see an artist like Kate Bush top the charts in his 2022.

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