HipDot is creating ‘collectible experiences’ with music-themed palettes

For indie makeup company HipDot, collaborating is a way of life and inspiration abounds.

Since launching in 2019, HipDot has had make-up collaborations on Ramen, SpongeBob, The Addams Family, and even the Monopoly board game. However, after finding great success with emo-rock band My Chemical Romance in 2020, Beauty has also carved out a niche dedicated to his collaborations on music themes. On Tuesday, HipDot released the latest version of its music-themed beauty. This is his palette of two eyeshadows shaped like his CDs by the rock bands Evanescence and Korn.

HipDot co-founder and CEO Jeff Sellinger said: “Music evokes moods and emotions as much as beauty. [with emotions] It gives us the ability to connect those experiences. “

Sellinger declined to comment on HipDot’s revenue, growth and funding. Glossy last reported in December 2020, when HipDot saw his revenue increase by 300% that year, and in 2019 he received $2.5 million in seed funding. The collaboration with the band is a licensing deal, but the brand is actively involved.corn promoted the collaboration on its channel, and as of Tuesday’s launch date, the palette has already sold out. According to HipDot, both bands participated in creative, product and communication material.

Calling the palette a “collectible experience,” HipDot hopes to bring the immersive element of the album to shoppers. Sellinger said the album’s artwork and color scheme have a long history of making music more than just aural. But as music albums and discographies were reduced to downloadable MP3s and streaming, these elements were lost. For Cohn, that “Follow the Leader” album, his cover depicts a child playing hopscotch toward the edge of a cliff, with a group of children waiting to follow. . The palette colors are earth tones browns and gunmetal shades.Evanescence The “Fallen” album was a close-up photo of the band’s co-founder, Lead singer Amy Lee celebrates her 21st birthday. Palette colors include a variety of blues, grays, and blacks.

Much of the inspiration for HipDot’s new palette came from the huge success of the My Chemical Romance collection. The half-hearted punk group hasn’t released an album since My Chemical Romance was announced as his partner on HipDot’s Instagram in 2010, but loyal fan comments led to his December 9th release. I’ve been flooded with posts. The post received him over 185,000 views and 3,600 comments, even though he only had 166,000 followers on HipDot Instagram at the time. The collection included a standard 9-shadow square palette, a liquid eyeliner, and a double-edged eyeshadow brush.

A unique aspect of the My Chemical Romance product launch was that HipDot worked with fans on marketing materials. Band and Palette Inspired Makeup from Fans In addition to soliciting his looks, he commissioned fan photographers for unique photo shoots and reposted cartoons about makeup on his social channel. Following their first collection, HipDot will launch another collection in July 2021 centered around My Chemical Romance’s album ‘Danger Days’. The palette inspired by ‘The Black Parade’ launches in his July 2022.

“What? [helpful] It’s time for the band to create a story around the album, and MCR does this very well. There’s a whole world out there that allows us to do more work.” HipDot co-founder and CMO Mo Winter said: “Superfans aren’t your typical beauty influencer, but they love telling the story of the band and they’re so genuine.” [us] To avoid being too general or talking too much about yourself. “

For the Evanescence and Korn palettes, HipDot uses a similar marketing strategy. That is, for example, inviting fans to share his make-up look with photographers who are fans of his existing band or collaborate with him. Sellinger said he believes there will be more opportunities for musical collaborations in the beauty field. HipDot previously launched her five line of Kesha products in 2019 called Her Kesha Rose. The beauty line is no longer for sale as of her December 2022, according to fan website Keshapeia. , HipDot said it provided a “great experience”.

“Consumers want more than just logos,” says Sellinger. “They are [products,] that we dig deeper, [artists’] DNA. “

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