High Five: Music Videos with a Special Kind of Synergy

It goes without saying that music videos are a very important medium for me. I often feel that a video is great when the music, the image of the artist and the visuals make it, rather than being visually great or having a great concept. special synergy. The aesthetics and symbolism used in music videos can be amazing commentaries on our culture.

Bjarki – “I wish I could be a model”

Director: Thomas Harrington Rowle

I am a big fan of Thomas’ work. I feel like his work always contains a lot of references and nostalgia. The eerie imagery and abstract narrative of human flesh fit the name of the song.look here.

Quite sick – “the human condition”

Director: Frank Lebon

Posted in Time-Based Art

Heartwarming, nostalgic visual references and a quirky storyline go hand in hand with this great song from Pretty Sick.

George – “Glimpse of Us”

Production: Stink x green machine

Director: Dan Quorrell

This is a very unexpected and original use of footage, and I haven’t seen it edited so beautifully in a long time.

MIA – “Popular”

Production: Division

Director: Arnaud Bresson

A brilliant work by Arnaud Bresson, incorporating strong social commentary and humor into a pop music video.

Arca “Electra Rex”

Director: Carlotta Guerrero x Arca

An established artist shoots something in the style of a high school showcase, This incredibly simple approach It was amazing and very fresh.

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