Hayley Williams Reacts to Tennessee’s Drag Ban, Trans Healthcare Bill

Paramore’s Hayley Williams speaks out against two anti-LGBTQIA+ bills now directed at governors Bill Leedesk.

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Williams, a Tennessee native, earlier this week denounced a bill criminalizing drug performers and a bill banning gender-affirming medicine for transgender youth.

“Drugs are not a crime,” Williams wrote on his Instagram Story, along with several other calls to action from Tennessee-based LGBTQ+ organizations. , passed two regressive and immeasurably harmful bills.” For the good of all,” he concluded, expressing “solidarity with our LGBTQIA+ families and local LGBTQIA+ organizations in this fight.”

Tennessee’s drug ban makes drug performance a felony in certain public spaces, including in front of children and within 1,000 feet of public parks, schools, and churches. Tennessee is certainly at the forefront of this particular movement, but politicians in 15 other states are also trying to push for drug performance bans. Additionally, several other states are considering banning gender-affirming healthcare for transgender youth.

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