Harbin, a UNESCO City of Music

Harbin, China, December 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — As this winter ice and snow festival draws near, the 100-year-old Harbin Symphony Orchestra and Harbin Ballet have produced a number of outstanding plays to welcome the festival. Did.

Harbin It’s been called the ‘City of Music’ by UNESCO for good reason. A century of musical development has made it a unique icon in a city where Eastern and Western musical cultures meet and mingle. Harbin The venue for the China Harbin Summer Concert is China’s longest-running music event. China.

With the opening of Harbin Historically, as a commercial port and an influx of foreign immigrants, Western music was brought to this city and has taken root.After founding People’s Republic of China, Harbin Based on its rich cultural heritage and solid industrial base, it has led the country in terms of music. in Harbin The development of music also receives widespread public support, including government agencies, factories and schools. Good singers and dancers are everywhere among the common people. Harbin Many nationally famous musicians such as Jin Tielin, Li Shuangjiang, Fu Gengchen, and Liu Xijin have lived here. Lee Kun.

over the years, in Harbin With endless concerts of original musicals, classical operas and works by northern minorities, the music performance market is thriving. Theater troupes and university artists have performed throughout the year at performance venues such as the Harbin Concert Hall and the Harbin Old Synagogue Concert Hall. At the same time, folk art groups are becoming more and more active. Music groups made up of college students, professional musicians, and music lovers perform on campus stages, in various performance venues, and in city streets and lanes. Harbin.

Today, citizens and tourists can enjoy operas, dance plays and ballets at the Harbin Grand Theatre. ChinaOld Street Concerts, Modern Hotel Balcony Concerts, and Central Street Music Tours offer some of the most unique open-air street culture experiences. Harbin feature. If you want to experience more diverse music art forms, visit New Harbin Concert Hall, Harbin Old Synagogue Concert Hall, Harbin Oriental Bolshoi Theater, sun island russianIt’s not easy to find friends in the streets and in the Volga Manor. Harbin about national music. It is a city worthy of the title of “city of music”.

SOURCE Public Relations Office, City Hall Harbin

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