‘Grey’s Anatomy‘ Cast Members Lip Sync to Taylor Swift Tracks for Valentine’s Day: Watch

Looks like Taylor Swift’s love Grey’s Anatomy Fully rewarded! On Tuesday (Feb. 14), several of the long-running medical drama actors took to Instagram to do a special Valentine’s Day lip-sync to some of Swift’s tracks.



Watch the latest videos, charts and news

Watch the latest videos, charts and news

Camilla Luddington and Chris Carmack – Dr. Joe Wilson and Dr. Atticus “Link” Lincoln – wore and chose scrubs for the show midnight The lip-sync track “You’re On Your Own, Kid”: Specifically, we choose more lines from the song than can be applied to the character’s romantic tension.

“Summer is gone/But the longing remains/I’ll ​​play it cool with the best of them/I’ll ​​wait patiently/He’ll notice me/It’ll be alright, we’ll “Best friends/anyway” The pair’s mouths take turns. “‘Happy’ Valentine’s Day #greysanatomy,” Ludington captioned the video, while Carmack said, “I don’t know about you…but I love them.” I support you!” he replied. Add heart eyes emoji.

Kim Raver and Kevin McKidd also participated in the Swiftie prank. The pair played married couple Dr. Teddy Altman and Dr. Owen Hunt, and in the Lip Sync video traded Ludington and Carmack’s tension for exhaustion and Swift’s lip for his sync part. mistress Track “You Need to Calm Down”.

“@camillaluddington and @realcarmack are so cute this Valentine’s Day. I don’t think Teddy and Owen got the note,” Raver captioned the video post.

Swift is, of course, Grey’s Anatomy actor. “Swiftism continues,” wrote one fan, while another exclaimed, “SWIFTIES CONFIRMED SO TRUE.”

Swift has yet to speak out, but is famously a huge fan of the show. She named herself Meredith Gray, a character played on the show by actress Ellen Pompeo. Pompeo was also invited to appear in her music video for Swift’s “Bad Blood.”

Please refer to Grey’s Anatomy Cast your lip sync to the Taylor Swift song below.

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