Golden Globes’ Pianist Chloe Flower on Play-Off Music

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Don’t blame Chloe Flower. The composer and musician, who plays and writes his own music, made his first role at the 2023 Golden Globe Awards on Jan. 10, making it one of the most memorable Golden Globe-winning TV shows and movies of all time. Theme Live provided his performance, taking viewers in and out of commercials. It will break. After being introduced as the piano player by host Jerrod Carmichael at the top of the show, she made regular on-camera appearances throughout the night. While most award show musicians go into hiding, she became a well-known name and face associated with music at this year’s Globe Awards. , Twitter and everyone in the room thought Chloe Flower was playing their favorite actor. I tweeted.

Still, considering all the confusion and fuss about how playoff music is handled, Vulture asked Flower what it’s like behind the scenes and what it’s like to go viral for the wrong reasons. rice field. correct Why playing piano on Cardi B’s “Money” at the 2019 Grammy Awards. “Every time she does an award show, she goes viral,” she states the fact.

How did you get into Globe Theater?
[Golden Globes producer] Jesse Collins contacted me and asked me to be in because he knew my work. I thought we were just going to play the best original song or something. But his idea was to pay homage to all the iconic Golden Globe-winning TV and film scores, and rather than use the canned string music that crept in and out of his commercial breaks, he played a piano solo. was to play a version of I said, “Let’s do it. That sounds like a lot of fun.”

What was the process of choosing the various songs like?
Jessie, myself and the Golden Gloves team worked together to select it. We all put our ideas in and waited to see what was revealed. We recorded different options and then chose where it all went. From the day before to the day, I was moving around and changing things. It was a really intense process, but it worked. Except everyone thought I was playing playoff music.

I mean, you weren’t playing playoff music.
No, it wasn’t my job. I was basically only playing when the cameras saw me coming back to the show from a commercial break. I never played at any other time. Everything else was pre-recorded. So I think there was a bit of confusion there. In the history of the Globe Theater, there were no live performers, so for some reason the speech was cut off. It definitely wasn’t me at any time.

How did it feel when celebrities were talking to you but you weren’t playing?
At one point Colin Farrell mentioned the piano, so I think it felt like they were talking to me. I think that was the turning point that sounded like my playing. But I don’t think they were talking to me. I happened to be face and I happened to be sitting in the room and they got mad at the person playing the music and cut them off. I don’t think it was directed at me. People really wanted to say that Michelle Yeoh wanted to hit me. She doesn’t want to beat anyone up.

In fact, all of the winners had to walk past the piano to take pictures, so I spoke with Michelle, spoke with Austin Butler, and let them know I wasn’t playing. I didn’t speak to anyone, but they were very kind. Michelle hugged me. she was very nice The moment she said that, I I hope she doesn’t think I’m playing.

What was it like for people online to come to you when you had nothing to do with yourself?
it’s difficult. Also, in the middle of the show, it is difficult for him to perform for the remaining two hours. The piano got heavy when I heard the playoff music playing, and I immediately said to my boyfriend and producer, “I think this is going to be a problem.” I didn’t have my phone all night. Too distracting. My boyfriend brought me my phone and said, “Maybe you should say something on Twitter.” I was like, “Oh, you mean online?” He was like, “Yeah, that’s the thing.” He didn’t read a single tweet during the entire performance. All I did was post what I posted. I’m not kidding. I only play when you have me on camera. ” I didn’t look at my phone until the awards ceremony was over. If people in the room knew I was playing, it was already distracting enough, right? I didn’t want to know what everyone on the internet was saying.

There was even a moment when Jerrod Carmichael said, “It’s not her.” what was it like?
I wanted to inspire people and pay homage to these great composers and songs. Jerrod was so gracious and so lovely. I am very lucky to have him. He was very lucky to have Cardi. They were both so kind that I could cry. It never occurred to me that he would be on live TV and say such things for me. It wasn’t part of the plan, it wasn’t part of the plan, it wasn’t scripted. I’ve never seen an award ceremony that responds to Twitter in real time. Everyone in the production, the entire Team NBC production, and Jerrod all knew what was going on, so I was really grateful. It was important to them to protect me. Thank you so much for taking care of me. I tweeted that tweet and it has 30,000 followers. who saw it? Until then, I didn’t know if people could tell the difference between his solo piano and strings that I was playing live. I didn’t have a full band and orchestra, but if you weren’t in the room you might not know it. He stopped me backstage for five minutes and we talked. And I was like, ‘Oh my God, what’s going on? Because I didn’t see anything. I was like, ‘This must be so bad because everyone is coming up to me and apologizing. The producer said, “Don’t worry, we are changing all the music to no piano anymore.” It was great that everyone was so supportive. I was happy

I would like to return to the development process of the globe segment. How long was it?
It wasn’t long enough. i wish i had more time. It was only for a few weeks, even during the holidays. We worked together during the holidays. It was worth doing. If we were just playing one song, it would be different. But there were a lot of options and a lot of people had opinions, so I had to consider everyone. That meant listening to it, learning it, and then creating my own version of “Chloe’s Flower”. white lotus The theme is played with very unique instruments. I had to find my own way to make the melody resonate with the audience with a completely different instrument, a completely different sound. It may need to be legato instead of staccato. sex and the city It was fun.

Have you ever been frustrated that you couldn’t play and prepared?
was supposed to play Godfather. i have this awesome version godfather, and that was the hardest. This was the one I prepared the most. We didn’t have a lot of time to convey the theme, so he had to figure out how he could condense it into 10 seconds. godfather It was a little long, about 15 seconds. I couldn’t play because I ran out of time.

Was the show cut because it was too long?
I am happy to dedicate these 20 seconds to the speeches, winners and presenters. It was a last minute decision.

The Globe Theater is back on TV after a year away, what was the energy like in the run-up?
Given last year’s scenario, it didn’t feel like walking on eggshells, did it? It was very work focused. We had a lot of work to do and a lot of music to clear in a very short amount of time. no one said Oh, I can’t play this because it might hurt someone’s feelings. or, oh i gotta pick this one. we, What song best fits this presenter?

The glamor that accompanies award shows is not something that can be found in the work of all musicians. How do you think your persona interacts with such attraction?
This is part of the problem with classical music, especially instrumental music. It may seem historically barren. A suit, tie, and all-black ball gown is difficult for someone who doesn’t study classical music or just wants to learn it as a hobby. Mix that with a real true love of fashion and glamour. When I was younger, I had to slow down because I didn’t want to be like Liberace. In classical music, it was always said that wearing too flashy or too flashy on stage would ruin the music. I’ve been told all along that it makes you less serious, but as you get older and leave home, I really don’t want to suppress that love of fashion. I want to be Croyoncé I want to be a Kloverus I am not alone in feeling that way.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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