Godsmack’s Sully Erna Doesn’t Think It’s Fair for Anyone to Play God With Our Freedom of Speech

There is no doubt that political discourse has had a major impact on most of our lives throughout the last few elections and pandemics. But through it all, Godsmack’s Sully Erna has one clear message: he wants to get out there. He is proud of his country. In fact, it’s that reflection of America that inspired Godsmack’s new song, “Red, White, and Blue.” light up the sky album.

Elna opened her heart Loudwire KnightsKevin Vargas in an extensive track-by-track breakdown surrounding the new track light up the sky album. Explaining the patriotic connotation in the song’s title and the inspiration behind the track, Erna explained: We all know these songs are written about things that affected me on a personal level, for better or worse, but as an individual, I’ll call them third parties for now. . ”

“After discussing finding love in your life, I wanted to talk about the times we live in. “It’s part of our history and it helps us grow into better people,” continues Erna. There are far more good people than bad people on this planet, except for the extremists.The bad people howl a little louder, but a little more because we are human and humane. Remain discreet and quiet.”

The singer admits he’s had some pretty loud barking in recent years, which inspired him to write the song.Never thought I’d say / Someday I’ll question my faith / To the country that made me / Who I am today,” But then he strengthens his resolve and sings.And the times keep changing/And the world is screaming/All the lies ring out/But I’m still by your side/One will never be/Oh, the other is right/The only color that’s true is/ Red, white, blue, so I’m by your side

“Part of it was frustration that I was tired of hearing either side of the extremists on both sides of the fence here, but I’m proud of this country. I’m just making a statement that says flag, I’m proud of what it stands for, the Constitution, and what we’re proud of is free speech, but someone pretending to be God I don’t think it’s fair to shut us up by doing vocalist.

“Red, White and Blue” is featured on Godsmack’s new album. light up the sky, which is out now. You can get the record in physical and digital format here and look for the band to return on tour this spring.

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Godsmack’s Sully Erna breaks down the song that lights up the sky Loudwire KnightsKevin Vargas

Godsmack “Red, White and Blue”

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