Godsmack’s Sully Erna Describes How Success ‘Distorts Your Reality’

Many musicians have admitted over the years that success has changed their lives. But Godsmack’s Sully Erna thoroughly explained how much his life had changed outside of his wealth, adding that finding success “distorts your reality.”

Godsmack formed in Massachusetts in 1995 and began gaining a following in the Boston area by playing shows and becoming acquainted with local rock radio station WAAF. By the time they released their self-titled major his label debut in 1998, their songs had already hit the air.

In an interview with 98KUPD’s The Shan Man, Erna was asked what perceptions he held throughout his career from garage band to becoming a household name with many commercial successes.

“I remember one of the first things I learned as I climbed the ladder to the top and the big leagues, and that was to distort your reality.”

“I mean, when you’re a young band and you’re doing the grind and you’re playing the circuit and you’re trying to make a deal, and you have this group of friends and they all hang out and they support you. It’s normal to have a gig on the weekend, come home and have a beer with them, play billiards at the bar, then go to work, go to rehearsals at night, and that’s you. is the reality of

Erna added that becoming a rock star was just a fantasy at the time, but once it really started to happen, especially when the band played multiple nights in a row without a break, the real idea was It basically flips over.

“If you do it for a couple of years straight, you’re just a robot … and then you come home and everything that used to look normal is alien,” he continues. rice field.

“And when you go to a bar and you meet a guy or a group of friends that you seem to hang out with all the time, all of a sudden they act in a certain way and treat you a little bit differently. off – you’re staring at them, they’re looking at you, and they expect you to be like this now. Because we’ve seen it before, and on video, it changes behavior.”

The singer believes that he and his bandmates remained mostly humble during the journey, and as a result, their lives became “normal” again.

“Eventually, you get to know who your circle is, your family and friends. , we have a good family, kids, friends and everything else. And we do what we do — we get out there and enjoy what we do. I am blessed to be able to have a career and actually make some money.

Listen to the full interview below.

Godsmack’s eighth album light up the sky is scheduled for February 24th and looks like it will be the final full-length release. The band plans to continue touring for years to come, but at the moment they are happy with their discography and prefer to continue celebrating all the hits they have released rather than releasing new hits.

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Godsmack’s Sully Erna explains how success ‘distorts your reality’

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