Goanna Release 40th Anniversary Version Of ‘Solid Rock’ With Emma Donovan & William Barton

Goanna releases 40th anniversary version of ‘Solid Rock’ with Emma Donovan & William Burton

Forty years after its release, Shane Howard has recorded a new version of Goanna’s hit ‘Solid Rock’ to celebrate Ruby’s anniversary. The new recording joins Howard with indigenous artists Emma Donovan and William Burton and is being released under the updated title Solid Rock, Sacred Ground 2022.

First released in September 1982 as the lead single from Goanna’s debut album, Spirit of Place, “Solid Rock” was written about the history of Aboriginal Australians and the genocide initiated by the European invasion. Despite concerns about its ability to influence radio due to its content, the track was a chart success, reaching number two on the Kent Music Report that year and has since become a staple of FM.

Goanna – “Solid Rock, Sacred Ground 2022”

“I thought this country I grew up in was my country, but then I realized it wasn’t,” Howard recalled in 2002. When we arrived, we were taking power away from the entire race. ”

Celebrated the 40th anniversary of its release Spirit of Place Earlier this year, Goanna released a new version of the track. The track features Donovan’s vocals and Burton’s didgeridoo playing, as well as a string arrangement from the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.

“It’s great to conclude 40 years of Goanna’s story with this exciting version of ‘Solid Rock, Sacred Ground,'” said Howard. music“We have come a long way as a nation in the last 40 years, but we still have work to do to achieve meaningful justice for First Nations people.”


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The post Goanna first appeared on Music Feeds when she released the 40th anniversary version of ‘Solid Rock’ with Emma Donovan & William Burton.

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