Global C-pop Artist Tia Lee (Lee Yu Fen) Announces Global #EmpowerHer Women Empowerment Campaign

Tia Launches Global #EmpowerHer Women’s Empowerment Campaign

HONG KONG, China–(Newsfile Corp. – December 30, 2022)–Global C-pop singer, film and television actress, and fashion icon Tia Lee (Lee Yu Fen) announces her new ” Goodbye Princess” music video exclusively dropped. She unveiled her global #EmpowerHer women’s empowerment campaign last week on YouTube and her Weibo.

Tia Lee Launches Global #EmpowerHer Women’s Empowerment Campaign

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With a global presence, Tia has spared no time in launching the #EmpowerHer campaign. She has announced plans to advance women’s empowerment and has her sights set on promoting women-centered philanthropy around the world.

Tia wasted no time in launching the #EmpowerHer campaign

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“I’m excited about this new chapter in my life and career. This song and music video are based on my personal journey. I believe it’s a story that everyone can relate to. Especially the judgment of society.” For women who often bear the brunt of… we all have power within us, but the world can make it difficult for us to speak up. We hope the Goodbye Princess and #EmpowerHer campaigns will be a rallying call for women to embrace their inner strength and support each other in realizing their truth. ‘ said Tia Lee.

“This song and music video are based on my personal journey. I think it’s a story that resonates with everyone, especially women.”

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The song’s launch was preceded by her #EmpowerHer campaign. “Goodbye Princess” sets the scene in her animated six-part animated series of her vibrant. The pre-release campaign is set to become C-pop her artist’s most successful engagement campaign ever.

Inspiration and creation of the global #EmpowerHer campaign

#EmpowerHer encapsulates the vision Tia had when creating “Goodbye Princess”. “I am so excited to launch the #EmpowerHer campaign. It would be great if we could turn this love into support for women around the world. As this video gets more views, More and more money is being donated.It’s a mission, use the hashtag #EmpowerHer and spread the word,” said Tia Lee.

With her own experience in mind, Tia is leveraging the launch of “Goodbye Princess” to launch the #EmpowerHer campaign. With her music and voice, she rallies for girls and women around the world, helping them overcome the challenges posed by modern society and ultimately helping them grow taller and stronger. hope to help.

To that end, the #EmpowerHer campaign aims to raise awareness and support for women-centered charities around the world. “We are calling on like-minded organizations to join us to support women in need and provide resources that can make a difference,” she said. . “Let’s all work together to create a better world where women can thrive.”

Tia is excited to announce that she will help empower women around the world every time they watch the “Goodbye Princess” music video. A donation is made to the #EmpowerHer campaign every time you meet the viewing criteria. This is her one of the largest initiatives to help empower women around the world.

#EmpowerHerDance Tiktok Campaign

Tia’s pre-launch series messages touched the hearts of her fans around the world, including many Tiktokers. Her Tiktoks from different regions united to support her new song, revealed in the #EmpowerHerDance Tiktok campaign.

This campaign will come together to raise awareness of the suffering caused by women-centric issues.

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Ready for a new chapter, the star continues to release a series of new releases. Keep it up! For more information, visit Tia’s official social media platforms (Instagram, YouTube, Facebook).

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