‘Getting excited now?’: Ed Sheeran reacts to tweet about his new album being titled Subtract

Ed Sheeran has apparently confirmed the title of his next album.

The Grammy winner has responded to a tweet from a fan that his new LP is called “Subtract.”

Ed posted a clip on Thursday (27.02.23) of a wave removing the line from the ‘=’ sign written in the sand and turning it into a ‘-‘ (‘subtraction’), alongside the chart topper, who said: I tweeted to ? ”

The teaser for the album came when Ed gave another concert for needy children at an Australian hospital during Down Under’s tour.

The “Shape of You” hitmaker performed at Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital on Tuesday (27.02.23).

He also performed for young fans at Queensland Children’s Hospital last weekend.

The pop megastar recently returned to social media after taking a break for a “turbulent” time in her personal life.

The 31-year-old singer, who has two daughters, Laila, 2, and Jupiter, 8 months, with wife Cherry Seaborn, has struggled to find some posts on social media that have become “a bit boring.” but he insisted that “things are going up”.

he said: I’m sorry, it’s my fault.

“The reason I’m making this video is, to be honest, there was a turbulent thing going on in my personal life and I really hated being online and pretending I wasn’t. I didn’t feel

“It may sound strange, but I made this video to tell you that things have turned around and we’re back online.”

Ed told his fans that he’ll be posting some “weird s***” on his Instagram account from now on, but stumbled in his sentence.

The “Bad Habits” hitmaker insisted he wasn’t going to make another video after trying “About 50,” though his words stumbled a bit.

He added: I won’t make another!

On Nov. 4, Ed told fans that he was “signing off” Instagram until 2023.

He posted: Much love, Ed x (sic)”

In February 2022, Ed’s friend Jamal Edwards, who started his career on urban music platform SBTV, died at the age of 31 of a heart attack after taking recreational drugs.

Last month, he shared Jamal’s SBTV relaunch ‘F64’, the eponymous freestyle tribute to his late friend, to kick off the relaunch of the platform’s flagship freestyle rap series.

Ed raps: Yo Jam, this is a letter to you. It’s been a while, but it was hard to enter the booth.

“Since we last spoke, I’m a father of two and trying to live my life with a smile, but it’s getting harder.

“I just want to talk about you, but these tears won’t let me talk about you. I should have known we’d be lost without you.

“Digging and depression therapy sessions, I got a life full of blessings, but this just breaks my heart.”

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