G2 Esports Have Expanding The Company Into Music

Global esports organization G2 Esports has expanded its company into music, releasing its first single, “Detonate.”

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The mind behind esports organization G2 Esports is making music that people can enjoy, so they’ve launched a whole new venture. It’s also strange because we don’t work with labels. They only collaborate with specific artists to release music through their brands, the first being a single called “Detonate”. Jeris Honson When rejectedwas accompanied by a music video showing off the new team jerseys. There is more information about the video and single below.

Credit: G2 Esports

“This track features vocals from hardcore gamer, metalhead and TikTok sensation Jeris Johnson and the talented Teresa Jarvis of Brighton-based British rock band Yonaka. It has always been at the forefront of G2’s brand ethos.”Detonate” is the embodiment of G2’s relentless energy and how G2 Esports has expanded in music to reach 45 million fans worldwide. Strengthen the best entertainment we offer to the diversity and unity of G2’s faces.”

“I’ve been wanting to bring my music into the game space for a while, so when G2 first approached me about ‘Detonate’ it was a no-brainer,” he said. Jeris Johnson“I have been a gamer my whole life and still dream of making a game soundtrack at some point in the future. Rock music and games used to be one and the same. in a meaningful way.”

“I am honored to be a part of G2’s new anthem ‘Detonate’. Much like music, I love how games give people an outlet to let go and immerse themselves in something. So it’s important for me to participate in this. “Said Teresa Jarvis.

“This track is an anthem for esports in 2023. It’s meant to celebrate all the new stories being developed by all the amazing people behind G2: fans, players, creators and staff. Jeris Johnson and Yonaka is a rock star in her own right, the perfect artist to kick off the new year with G2.” Alban DecherottoManaging Director of G2 Esports.

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