Former O Positive frontman Dave Herlihy merges music and law careers

Jay N. Miller

  • Dave Herlihy was the frontman of the band O Positive.
  • His first solo album was “Postcards from Kindergarten: Vol.
  • Herlihy is a professor of law at Northeastern University.

Dave Herlihy abandoned his legal career for his love of music and rode a mid-1980s rock and roll merry-go-round with the band O Positive, which enjoyed considerable success and signed to a major label. But when that rocket to the top stalled and record deals faded, Herlihy put his legal acumen to work, telling musicians and other artists how to navigate an often frustrating business. I advised you

Herlihy’s career in music and law is one of the most unique stories in the Boston-area music scene and is now entering a new chapter. Herlihy will release her first solo EP titled “Postcards from Kindergarten: Vol. One” on Lunch Records this month and will headline Club Passim at Harvard Her Square on Friday night. increase.

Dave Hurley

Herlihy’s legal work includes advising musicians and other artists on contract, copyright, and intellectual property rights, and teaching these subjects at Northeastern University. But this proud graduate of Boston College his law school has never lost his love for music, especially for playing with his friends.

“I left BC Law in 1983 and worked for a white-collar crime firm, but realized it wasn’t for me,” Herlihy explained from his Boston office this week. “In my twenties, I seemed to have a midlife crisis, but I decided to quit and pursue music. Sounds very romantic, but it wasn’t at the time. Never do law work again.” I never thought it would, and most artists I really love would say there was no ‘Plan B’. After moving, I gave O Positive my all.And it’s amazing how, after 12 years, we’ve all stuck with O Positive.During that time, we had two drummers, All other members were original.

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