For the Grateful Dead and company, the music never stopped in 2022

Deadheads had a lot to be grateful for this year.

Throughout 2022, the music never stopped in the land of the Grateful Dead. Through both archival releases and new recordings, the band and their extended musical family continued their long, bizarre journey through the sonic universe.

It’s been nearly 30 years since the last performance of the Grateful Dead. But pesky factors like linear time and geography of the Earth are less important in these parts.

“GarciaLive” Volumes 18 and 19

Singer and guitarist Jerry Garcia’s musical extracurricular activities are documented in the “GarciaLive” series of archival releases that marvelously embody the musical legacy of Garcia, who died in 1995.

This year, Round Records and the “GarciaLive” team dropped two doozies that act as perfect counterpoints to each other.

The Jerry Garcia Band performs at the Santa Barbara County Bowl on October 13, 1974. "GarciaLive Volume 18: November 2, 1974 Keystone Berkeley" Out June 10th via Round Records

GarciaLive Volume 18: November 2nd, 1974 Keystone Berkeley, released in June, sees Garcia and keyboardist Merle Sanders explore a powerful musical space across two previously uncirculated sets. It turns out that

In this collection, Garcia finds his most adventurous side, the side of his playing that Sanders was uniquely able to conjure. These are, quite frankly, some of the most dangerous jams you’re likely to hear all year long.

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