First Spin: The Week’s Best New Dance Tracks From Jessie Ware, Flume, Blondish & Madonna & More

Dance music of the week: Beyoncé made history in more ways than one when she won the Grammy for Best Dance/Electronic Album. Diplo had some thoughts on the matter. Featuring 10 dance/electronic songs, we got the inside story of a new study investigating the prevalence of neurodiversity in dance music.


Watch the latest videos, charts and news

Watch the latest videos, charts and news

Do you have more? of course. Let’s dig in.

Jessie Ware “Pearls”

Grammy-winning album with lots of house and disco sounds? Jessie Ware has logged into Chat.After winning our hearts (and the title of billboard‘s Top Dance Albums of 2020) and her best album what is your pleasurethe sultry club diva is back again with new single ‘Pearls’ — and the announcement of her next album, That’s it! feel! good!, scheduled for April 28 via PMR/EMI. (Ware released another track from the album, “Free Yourself,” last summer.)

True to its name, ‘Pearls’ brings luxury to the disco. Gold-plated keys and elegant strings soar as Ware delivers a euphoric chorus. Let me dance! Like Donna Summer, Evelyn “Champagne” King, Teena Marie and Chaka Khan, the song’s iconic inspirations, Ware channels the bliss of a disco diva with her eyes closed. increase. to dance. ”— Crystal Rodriguez

Flume, “Things don’t always go as planned 1.2 [2020 Export Wav]”

Seeing Flume live on stage is cool, but nothing beats the feeling of a Flume fan like playing a newly released Flume production. His songs are the type you need to put on your headphones, turn off the lights, and explore every nook and cranny of textured sounds to absorb. In that regard, this week has been great. Because Australian Envelope his pusher has surprise dropped his 10-track mixtape of previously unreleased bits and bops. The vibe ranges from gritty, rumbling bass rap grunts, to weird romantic ballads with twists, to side-curving sonic tunnels, and every shade of weird, surreal and superfly in between. Also a song with Panda Bear from Animal Collective! For some reason, these songs were never included on any other official Flume release of his. I think it was because they were destined for this. oi, Things don’t always go according to plan, but they always go — especially when it comes to Flume. – cut bain

Blondish, Elan Hirsch & Darmon “Sorry (With Madonna)”

Madonna’s “Sorry” — second single released in 2005 confession on the dance floor — Get the official edit today from Blond:ish and fellow LA-based producers Eran Hersh and Darmon. Their rework resulted in Madonna’s vocals being considerably lower in pitch. “I wanted people listening to this to feel, ‘Oh wait, I totally know this song!'”

Indeed, here it’s as smooth as the Chrome original, with a tougher edge that pays homage to the dancefloor-centric spirit of the original and is endorsed by Madonna herself. We started playing ‘Sorry’ and the response was overwhelming,” continues Blonde:ish. “I even said, ‘You know, we’ve got to be apart for once. Let’s try to get Madonna.’ I don’t know if that’s the case, so I knew I should at least reach out to see if she’d be interested in working with us formally. Send, we made it happen that way. This latest version of ‘Sorry’ is out on Insomniac Records. — Katie Bain

Floorplan “We Give Thee Honor”

Worship has resumed. Floorplan, the father-daughter duo of Robert and Lyric Hood, have returned to Luke Solomon’s Classical Music Company with their latest EP. We Give Thee Honor / Makes Me WannaAn energetic showcase of their gospel roots, consisting of two tracks that evoke higher powers on the dance floor. The A-side, “We Give Thee Honor,” is a stomper right at the gate, complete with evocative percussion, organ stabbing, stabbing synths and his strings, trying to reach the limits of sensory overload. It seems to be designed to Powerful yet soothing gospel choir vocals and looming earth-swallowing wails push listeners, whether human or machine, to the limit in the best possible way. Even when the club is at its peak, ‘We Give Thee Honor’ takes House Haven to a new level. — Korean

Chloe Cahier feat.after that, “I know now”

If you’re looking for a sneak weekend with runway models and brooding behind-the-club vibes, French DJ and producer Chloé Caillet’s ‘Know Now’ will get you there with its dark and mysterious groove. will go From her upcoming EP on CircoLoco Records, this absolute mood is hitting parts of our brains that haven’t been stimulated since The Knife dropped. silent shout. It’s a little haunting, a little sexy, and definitely stuck in my head for months to come. Stay tuned for the rest of this EP out in the spring. – K leg

Francis Mercier “The Complete”

New York-based producer Francis Mercier is poised for his biggest year yet, and the founder of Deep Root Records, during a world tour fueled by a string of excellent releases, has 4 He will make his Coachella debut in May. That streak continues today with the dreamy “Kamili”. This house-his track for Diplo’s Higher Ground is a collaboration between Zimbabwean producer Nitefreak and Kenyan singer Idd Aziz, who delivers soulful lyrics in Swahili about his brother, who has been missing for over 20 years.

“Kamili is without a doubt our most exciting release to date. We are very proud to collaborate with the talented Nightfreak, Ido Aziz and Higher Ground on this very emotional and powerful record,” said Mercier. I’m talking “Bringing the great music of Africa to her dance music community in the United States is truly exciting.” K. Bain

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