First Night Chatham 2023 – ‘Auld Lang Syne,’ Slideshow & Music VIDEO

Chatham – Due to the weather, some of you may have decided not to attend First Night Chatham 2022. I’m glad I went. Yes, I actually got drenched. However, it wasn’t as cold as usual and the performances we saw were great.

We started the day at Town Photo, getting a constant kick from the hundreds of people waving at the photographers located on the cranes above the crowd.

We then headed to the community center where parents and kids enjoyed Brewster Bayside Skippers, Bubble Lap Stomp and Toe Jam Puppet Band.

Afterwards, crowds flocked to the Chatham Railway Museum, where people of all ages marveled at the model trains twirling the tracks.

With dozens of excellent musical performances, it was difficult to decide what to watch. I saw Zoe Lewis. Jukin’ J. & The Rockers; Clubgrass Bluegrass Band; Alastair Mook and Cape Cod Fiddlers. It was a really great night of music. Moock is unlike anything we’ve seen before and we were very impressed with his original song and this rendition of the ultimate New Year’s Eve ballad, ‘Auld Lang Syne’.

Moock told me that “Auld Lang Syne” was written by the Scottish poet Robert Burns. Over 200 years ago. Mook’s soulful performance, heard for the first time without party horns and tense, forced shouts of joy, warmed our hearts as we welcomed another year on Cape Cod.

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